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Family Reunites With Their Missing Cat After 2 Years And A 1000 Miles

Family Reunites With Their Missing Cat After 2 Years And A 1000 Miles

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This family experienced the heartache of losing their beloved cat a couple of years ago. At the time, they had resigned themselves to the idea that they might never see their furry friend again. 

But fast-forward to today, and they find themselves nearly 1,000 miles away from where they last laid eyes on their beloved pet. 

Hold onto your hats, folks, because what happened next is nothing short of a plot twist for the ages!

Justice Ryder and her kids received an unexpected blast from the past when their long-lost tuxedo cat, Corbin, waltzed right back into their lives. I mean, talk about an unexpected twist of fate!

Justice couldn’t believe her eyes when she stumbled upon a Facebook post featuring a cat that could’ve been Corbin’s doppelgänger. 

close up view of cute cat
Source: Facebook

She thought, perhaps, it was an old photo resurfacing, but nope – it was a recent post from someone who had found a cat in her yard and was on a mission to reunite the feline with its owner. 

The incredible part? This good Samaritan lived just a stone’s throw away from their old stomping grounds.

Justice wasted no time connecting with this mystery woman, and after an intense session of comparing notes and photos, they both agreed without a shadow of a doubt that Corbin was indeed their long-lost feline friend. 

It was a heartwarming reunion in the making!

old woman kissing the cat
Source: Facebook

But here’s where the story takes an even sweeter turn. A friend of Justice’s, Sandi Fettes, got wind of the situation and took it upon herself to orchestrate Corbin’s journey back home. 

Sandi reached out to a charity called the Wings of Rescue – an amazing group of kind-hearted pilots who dedicate themselves to flying animals to safety.

cat sitting in cage
Source: Facebook

The charity stepped up to the plate, arranging a flight to reunite Corbin with his family. 

But before the big trip, Corbin got the full VIP treatment at the vet’s office, including neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations. After all, safety always comes first, right?

guy holding the cat cage
Source: Facebook

Now, even though Corbin had embarked on a wild adventure over the past two years, he hadn’t changed one bit. 

He was still the same lovable furball that Justice remembered, it was as if he had never left! It was heartwarming to see how quickly he adapted to his new-old home.

And here’s the cherry on top: Justice’s son’s birthday was just around the corner. They were planning to deck him out in style with a snazzy bow tie for the celebration.

two girls holding the cat
Source: Facebook

In the grand scheme of things, it has been a roller-coaster ride for this family, but in the best possible way. 

They’re overflowing with gratitude for all the incredible folks who joined forces to make this extraordinary reunion happen. 

It’s a story that’ll warm the cockles of your heart and remind us all that sometimes, life has a remarkable way of bringing us back together, even against all odds.

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