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Tiny Kitten In Freezing Weather Kept Crying Out For Help Until A Kind Man Came To The Rescue

Tiny Kitten In Freezing Weather Kept Crying Out For Help Until A Kind Man Came To The Rescue

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Do you remember that tiny, freezing kitten found on the cold streets all alone? Well, let’s find out what happened to him.

A dedicated cat lover and a rescuer from Stray Paws found this tiny kitten wandering near the trash bins. He was shivering, all alone, with no food or shelter to hide.

When the kitten saw his rescuer, he began meowing loudly, desperately seeking help.

With no mother cat in sight, the rescuer carefully picked up the kitten, placed him inside his coat, and brought him home to give him the care he needed.

little kitten outdoor
Credit: YouTube

Ensuring the kitten was warm and had a full belly, the rescuer suspected he might have fleas. However, considering all he had been through, the rescuer allowed him to rest peacefully. 

The next day, he gave the kitten a warm and gentle flea bath, and surprisingly, the kitten seemed to enjoy it.

The kitten seemed really happy by his rescuer’s side, but as much as he wanted to keep him, the rescuer knew the importance of finding him a forever home.

man dragging kitten
Credit: YouTube

The rescuer’s primary mission is to provide stray cats and kittens with loving forever homes, where they become cherished members of a family. To achieve this, the rescuer posted an adoption ad for the kitten on a website.

Remarkably, within just 2 hours, two potential adopters reached out with interest in the kitten. The rescuer instantly knew who was the perfect match.

man washing kitten in a sink
Credit: YouTube

Although the rescuer typically cares for rescued kittens for at least a month, this was a special opportunity for the tiny kitten, later named Bulut. The rescuer shared:

“After 3 days of speaking on the phone and preparing, Bulut the kitten was ready to go to his new home. Usually, I foster care for kittens for at least a month. But yeah, it was a perfect home for him. Even though it was a very short fostering period, he put a permanent mark on my heart, with his cute meows and loud purrs.”

Bulut the kitten possesses a charming personality that captured his rescuer’s heart. However, the goal was to find him a loving and cherished home.

little kitten in a blanket
Credit: YouTube

By doing so, the rescuer would have more time and space to help other cats and kittens in need, offering them a fresh chance at life, which is the primary mission.

Today, Bulut the kitten lives a joyful life with Mr. Atakan, who opened his heart and home to another furry friend. 

Tragically, Mr. Atakan lost his beloved 9-year-old cat, Pamuk, to FIP. Although Pamuk was his best friend, Mr. Atakan chose to give another needy kitten a chance, leading him to Bulut.

kitten with watery eyes
Credit: YouTube

Upon finalizing the adoption, Mr. Atakan went to the pet store, gathering everything Bulut might need for a happy and cozy life. 

When the two met for the first time, it was clear that destiny had brought them together. They are now destined to continue their happy lives together forever!

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