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Meet Tosca, The Fanciest Shop Cat With A Bow Tie

Meet Tosca, The Fanciest Shop Cat With A Bow Tie

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Meet Tosca, the feline sensation of San Francisco who became an internet star practically overnight. Her story, like her adorable face, has captured the hearts of thousands on Twitter.

In the photo that started it all, you’ll see Tosca, an enchanting black and white shop cat, sporting a dapper red bow tie. It’s a guaranteed cuteness overload! 

Tosca has been gracing her shop with her presence for over five years now, and she’s a real customer favorite.

When her image was first posted, Tosca garnered an astounding 170k likes in just two days! It’s clear that her charm knows no bounds. 

The original tweet about Tosca humorously read, “Found this fancy-looking cat in a San Francisco liquor store.” Fancy indeed! 

Local news even dubbed her the fanciest shop cat in San Francisco. But the real question is, where did this lovable, friendly feline come from?

portrait of a cat with a red bow around its neck
Source: sfgate

Tosca, a nine-year-old cat, was adopted by Ramiz Yousef in 2016. Ramiz, the shop owner, and his wife, Elena, found Tosca in their local animal shelter. 

Interestingly, she was already named Tosca, inspired by Tosca Libretto (the opera by Giacomo Puccini), and it seemed fitting, so they decided to keep it.

a cat with a red bow sits on a wooden chair
Source: sfgate

It Was Love At First Hiss

When Elena and Ramiz first approached Tosca’s shelter cage, she made it clear she wasn’t taking no for an answer. With a hiss directed at Ramiz, Tosca marked him as her chosen human. It was a special moment that sealed the deal.

“We reached Tosca… and we tried to move onto the next one, the next cage. She really got mad, and she did, like, a hissing sound at Ramiz. And as soon as she did that, my husband knew she was the one. That was a very special moment right there.”

the cat is lying and resting on a cardboard box
Source: sfgate

Today, Tosca is undoubtedly the shop’s most popular “employee.” Her presence alone attracts visitors, some of whom stop by just to see her. 

Tosca even has an ever-expanding collection of bow ties, each chosen to match her mood or the occasion, making her the most fashion-forward feline in town.

Tosca takes her role as a shop cat seriously, always ready to greet customers and supervise the action from behind the counter. 

Her charm even extends outside, where she can often be found stretching her paws at the door, stopping traffic with her irresistible allure.

“She’s a very sociable girl. She loves greeting the customers and being around people and sometimes hangs out behind the counter looking at the action – what’s going on, who’s getting what.”

Tosca takes her job very seriously, but to her owners, she’s just a baby. 

“Sometimes, she stands at the door, and she stretches her little paws, and everybody, you know, she stops the traffic in front of the door.”

a beautiful cat peeks out of its box
Source: sfgate

Ramiz realized just how much Tosca means to their customers and to them when her photo went viral. She spreads love and joy to everyone she meets, making each day a little brighter for someone.

“We’re very happy that she gets to offer her love to so many people and that she really makes an impact and makes the day a little sweeter to somebody every day.”

Tosca’s newfound celebrity status might just bring more shoppers to this independent shopping district, which boasts several beloved “shop cats” who draw in cat lovers from all around.

While she looks adorable in her bow tie, Tosca, like other shop cats, serves many roles. She’s a private pest controller, a free source of serotonin, and a fantastic “sales promoter” all in one charming package.

Tosca’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the positive impact our feline friends can have. Who wouldn’t want to visit Tosca’s shop? 

It’s not just a place to shop; it’s a place to experience the magic of a furry, bow-tied celebrity who makes every day a little sweeter. 

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