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15 Poor Cats Who Got Stung By Bees And Wasps

15 Poor Cats Who Got Stung By Bees And Wasps

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Curiosity did not kill these 15 cats, but it did result in swollen cheeks, noses, or paws for them!

Cats are renowned for their penchant for exploring places they shouldn’t be. You’ll frequently catch your feline friend lurking around, digging into your laundry drawer, or investigating behind the kitchen counter.

However, if your cat has outdoor access or an errant bee ventures inside, you can expect your little hunter to make a determined effort to chase it down. Unfortunately, this pursuit doesn’t always end well.

The outcome depends on where the bee stings your kitty, and if it’s the first time. It’s essential to consult a veterinarian if the bee or wasp stings your cat inside their mouth or throat. 

Otherwise, you can remove the stinger by gently scraping the affected area, similar to how we would treat ourselves. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s take a look at these 15 photos of cats who’ve had a run-in with bees or wasps. 

It’s worth noting that all these cats were perfectly fine after their encounters; they simply had to endure a “swollen” appearance for a little while.

1. Waffles Wanted Honey But Instead Got Stung

cat stung by bee sitting on wooden deck
Credit: Imgur

2. Swollen Chin, But Still Bee-Autiful

swollen cat stung by a bee
Credit: Imgur

3. It Hurt For Awhile, But It’s All Good Now

cat lying in a cat bed with swollen paw
Credit: Flickr

4. The Poor Thing Ate A Wasp

close-up photo of a cat stung by bee
Credit: Imgur

5. Here’s Why Kittens Should Not Play With Bees

hand holding cat paws
Credit: Imgur

6. This Is Huxley And He Ate A Bee

cat sitting by a pool
Credit: Imgur

7. Poor Alice Suffered A Paw Sting

cat with a swollen paw
Credit: Flickr

8. Another Chin Sting

photo of ginger cat stung by a bee
Credit: Imgur

9. An Important Kitty Life Lesson

cat with a swollen head looking at the camera
Credit: Imgur

10. “I Don’t Always Put My Paws On A Bee, But When I Do I Make Sure I Get Stung”

cat lying on the floor
Credit: Reddit

11. Cat Stung On The Mouth

close-up photo of a cat lying
Credit: Flickr

12. Link Does Not Feel Sorry

swollen cat looking at the camera
Credit: Imgur

13. Look At This Little Rudolph

close-up photo of a cat with swollen nose
Credit: Pinterest

14. Curiosity Stung The Cat

cat named otis with swollen mouth
Credit: Pinterest

15. Ponyo Got Stung So Many Times He Got Used To It

photo of a cat with a slightly swollen head
Credit: Pinterest

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