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Poor Feral Cat Lost His Sight But His Life Took An Unexpected Turn Once He Got Rescued

Poor Feral Cat Lost His Sight But His Life Took An Unexpected Turn Once He Got Rescued

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Ham was four months old when his rescuers found him and he gave them quite the challenge. He ran away repeatedly, making it difficult for his TNR rescue team to catch him.

They would set their trap, but Ham would just come and roll around next to it, playfully showing off and earning the nickname “Ham” for his antics.

Sadly, this poor little feline didn’t understand that TNR was his ticket to a new and better life. If he had known, he would have jumped right in!

feral cat in abandoned building
Credit: Instagram

Dana, a rescuer from Brooklyn, never gave up on him! At the time of his rescue, Dana’s team had numerous kittens to rescue and tend to, but she never forgot about Ham. Who could forget the one that got away? As she explained:

“We had to make the tough call to add Ham to the TNR list and come back for him at a later date.”

While the rescue team was busy saving other kitties, one of the caretakers closely monitored Ham to ensure they were ready to catch him on their next visit!

cat lying in the street
Credit: Instagram

Ham had no problem surviving as a feral cat for two years! However, that’s when things started to get bad. Even though the colony caretaker looked out for Ham, in just two weeks, his eyes got cloudy and swollen, requiring immediate care.

The rescue team tried to catch him again, and this time they succeeded! Ham got into their TNR trap to get some food, since he wasn’t able to manage on his own anymore.

scared feral cat
Credit: Instagram

Even though they managed to capture him, Dana was heartbroken. She hoped they’d save him sooner and now his vision and life were threatened. Things often go wrong for feral cats in the outdoor world, but those “what ifs” are hard… As Dana said:

“When he turned up with bulging and swollen eyes, bumping into things, I couldn’t help but feel like if I’d just been able to get him 2 years ago, I could have saved him from this fate. I am trying to focus on the fact that Ham is safe now, he’s with me, and we’re getting him the help he needs.”

cat without one eye
Credit: Instagram

Ham was frightened and wary of people since he had been a feral for quite some time. However, he slowly started to trust them, especially after feeling all the love and warmth they provided.

After getting the necessary treatment for his eyes, he was neutered and vaccinated. The vet performed a biopsy and found that Ham’s eyes had probably been damaged by an injury. Fortunately, they found no signs of a tumor or virus.

one eyed cat lying in bed
Credit: Instagram

After all that Ham’s been through, Dana was amazed at how quickly he got used to people and how well he adjusted to indoor life. I guess the kitty realized how better it is indoors.

Slowly, but surely, Dana managed to pet the poor Ham. First with a spatula, then with the back of her hand, until they finally got to “normal cuddles”. 

She offered him treats he couldn’t refuse, so the adjustment process went faster and better. The entire process was slow and steady, but Ham still surprised everyone how well he adjusted. 

Despite his long feral past and, sadly, his newfound eye condition, Ham turned out to be a real sweetheart.

Soon enough, he met another kitty in foster care and they hit it off from the moment they met!

Not only did Ham realize living indoors, getting yummy treats, and loving cuddles, was the ideal feline life, but he also discovered that sharing it all with another feline made everything even better.

Biscuit was another feline in Dana’s care, and the two of them bonded instantly! As she shared:

“Biscuit loves to snooze on his human’s chest, and Ham is usually right by them on the couch, waiting for Biscuit to cozy up next to him. They love to wrestle and play with ribbon toys and are just truly the best of friends.”

two cats playing
Credit: Instagram

It was as if they knew they were meant to be together. Dana thought Ham could use a friend, and Biscuit seemed perfect for the role. Before she could even try ‘setting them up,’ they met and bonded as if it were destiny. 

Biscuit became Ham’s ‘seeing-eye animal,’ and their bond is truly remarkable. It’s amazing how they naturally gravitated towards each other and felt an instant connection.

photo of two cats lying on couch
Credit: Instagram

They spent about eight months in foster care with Dana, and she was heartbroken to open up adoption applications for them. 

Ham was ready for a fur-ever home, and he wouldn’t go anywhere without his trusted sidekick, Biscuit. As Dana posted:

“Ham has his best friend Biscuit by his side now, and they’re ready to move into their next phase of life TOGETHER! These boys are a package deal; I wouldn’t dream of separating them.”

two cats on the edge of couch
Credit: Instagram

They moved to another foster home with Natasha, where they truly thrived. They made huge strides there, and Ham’s love for cuddles only grew. 

Many people often ask if the foster mom is so heartbroken, why couldn’t she adopt them? The reality of fostering is that you’re there to help but ultimately must say goodbye.

cats on couch cushions
Credit: Instagram

Sometimes, fosterers are able to adopt, but it’s usually with one-time fosters. If we were to adopt every cat we bring into our foster care, oof, we’d be running a sanctuary for cats!

Dana, for example, successfully rescues and helps around 100 cats each year. Imagine if she were to adopt each and every one of them?!

photo of two cats sleeping
Credit: Instagram

Our incredible bonded pair, Ham and Biscuit, were ready for a loving family and a fur-ever home. Many people showed interest in these adorable feline bros, but Susan and Andy proved to be the purrfect choice! As Dana posted:

“Ham & Biscuit have found their humans! I truly, TRULY, could not be happier with the home that these boys have found. @boppism (Susan) and Andy have already proven themselves to be incredibly compassionate and kind humans ready to love on these boys as much as they will allow.”

As hard as it was for Dana to let them go, she was lucky enough to find such amazing people and such a loving home for them. Susan sends regular updates to Dana who then shares them with all of us. 

Here’s a little recap of their first week in their fur-ever home: 

For more updates on these lovely feline boys and Dana’s rescue mission, make sure to follow her Instagram page.

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