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Feral Cat Stuck In A Tree For Five Days Saved By Chicago’s Arborists 

Feral Cat Stuck In A Tree For Five Days Saved By Chicago’s Arborists 

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We’ve all grown up with stories about firefighters saving our feline friends. Whether they’re stuck on a tree or a roof, firefighters are there to help.

However, in today’s rescue mission, Chicago firefighters were unable to help out a poor cat that had been stuck for more than 5 days on a tree! 

It was uncertain how this poor ginger fluffball ended up on top of a 50-foot tree! The neighbors in Galewood, Chicago all came together to help save this poor fuzzball.

cat stuck on the tree
Credit: Block Club Chicago

This amazing community brought ladders, but unfortunately, all of them were too short. Whatever they did, Lullaby the cat, was way out of reach. 

An amazing lady from the community tried putting a basket with tuna up there, hoping Lullaby would jump in.

However, the poor cat was frozen from fear. She was not moving at all, and the kind rescuers were now in panic mode. 

cat on the tree
Credit: Block Club Chicago

They decided to call the firefighters, thinking they would be able to handle the situation in no time. Unfortunately, once the firefighters came to the site, there was nothing they could do.

Apparently, the ladder truck from the firehouse was too big and the firefighters could not come close to the tree. With this said, they left the community on their own to find a solution!

arborist rescuing cat from tree
Credit: Block Club Chicago

Everyone was absolutely shocked. They believed firefighters would handle the situation in no time, but now they were back to square one.

Luckily, one of the neighbors had a genius idea. He’s been working with a small business called Fernandez Tree Service, a group of arborists tending to Chicago’s trees. 

The man called them up and the amazing owner Humberto Fernandez immediately came to the rescue. His team was well prepared with ladders and cherry pickers and they were now ready to save Lullaby!

However, once Humberto came close to Lullaby, the poor soul jumped out of fear. She ran across the street, but luckily Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control rescuers were right behind her.

rescued cat
Credit: Block Club Chicago

Luckily, the poor fuzzball didn’t injure herself with the jump. She was dehydrated and scared, but with proper care in the shelter she would be healthy in no time. 

The whole neighborhood was now relieved! Finally, with the help of Humberto and his amazing team of arborists, Lullaby the cat was safe! 

This amazing community warmed my heart on so many levels. Their determination to help a cat in need is truly amazing!

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