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Rescued Mama Cat Discovers The Joy Of Belly Rubs And Transforms From Feral To Friendly Pal

Rescued Mama Cat Discovers The Joy Of Belly Rubs And Transforms From Feral To Friendly Pal

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When Pizza, the tortie cat, first arrived at the House of Six Cats, she carried the weight of her difficult past. Living in a feral colony and pregnant, she wasn’t exactly a happy camper. 

Her initial reaction to her foster mom, Liv, was far from warm – growls, hisses, and hiding were the order of the day.

“Something in my heart couldn’t let her go before I tried socializing her.”

cute kittens lie next to mother cat
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Liv, her compassionate foster mom, couldn’t just let Pizza be. There was something in her heart that compelled her to try socializing with this feisty feline. 

Despite the plan being for Pizza to be spayed and returned to her colony, Liv was determined to give her a shot at a loving home.

Understanding that Pizza had kittens to care for, Liv proceeded with gentleness and patience. At first, Pizza was fiercely protective, not allowing Liv to come near her little ones. Liv, however, was undeterred.

“I thought she hated my guts, but I think, ultimately, she was just really protective of her kids.”

As the kittens grew, so did the bond between Pizza and Liv. Slowly, Pizza began to relax, allowing gentle pets and even emitting the occasional purr. 

She remained wary if Liv moved too quickly, but was taking significant steps towards trust. By day eight, Pizza was even relishing cuddles on her own terms.


I get asked a lot about how Pizza is doing! She is great 🥰 this is how our interactions usually go. If shes sleeping somewhere I can approach her for pets. I can hold her for a bit and rub her belly too. But if shes up and around she runs away from me and doesnt want me to even look at her. If I walk by her she hits me 🤣 But she has George and he makes her happy and that makes pizza happy 🍕

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“She finally comes out from hiding when I’m in the room with her. She likes pets but still can get a little spooked if you pet too much. This is all on her terms.”

By the end of the month, the transformation was astounding. Pizza had evolved into a completely different cat. 

Belly rubs were not off-limits anymore, and she craved “all the pets.” Liv and Pizza had become inseparable, and their friendship was a heartwarming testament to the power of patience and love.

Pizza was now ready to meet the other cats in the rescue.

@houseofsixcats End game 💖🫶🏻 #bonded #cats #cattok #catsoftiktok #fyp #bondedpair ♬ Lover – Taylor Swift

Having lived with other felines in the colony, she wasn’t the least bit shy. She quickly formed connections, particularly with a dashing fellow named John Paul Jones, who seemed utterly smitten with her.

However, it was George, an orange cat who had also faced the harsh streets, who truly captured Pizza’s heart.

portrait of two cats sitting on a chair
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Despite his grumpy exterior and dislike for many cats, he too fell head over paws in love with Pizza. Their bond was undeniable – snuggles, grooming sessions, and playful antics made them inseparable.

Their endearing love story even became a sensation on TikTok, with Liv playfully suggesting they dated before tying the knot. 

two cats are lying in each other's arms on the bed
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Now, Pizza lives the good life as a house cat, alongside her “devoted husband” George. She’s gained some weight, looks healthier than ever, and revels in a life filled with abundant pets before bedtime.

To think, this remarkable transformation from a feral cat to a cherished house pet was all made possible by one woman’s unwavering commitment.

portrait of two cats sitting next to each other
Source: Tiktok

And, in a hilarious twist, Pizza has garnered some other admirers, including Potato, Mr. Tuna, and Ted. For more heartwarming updates on Pizza, George, and the delightful kittens, be sure to follow the House of Six Cats on TikTok.

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