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10 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds You’ll Want To Cuddle With

10 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds You’ll Want To Cuddle With

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What do Puss in Boots from Shrek, Crookshanks from Harry Potter and Garfield the cartoon cat have in common? They’re all orange tabby cats! Let’s not forget that even Winston Churchill famously had an orange tabby cat named Tango!

Orange, marmalade, or ginger cats – call them whatever you want, we can all agree that this coat color is absolutely gorgeous, especially when the cat is longhaired and fluffy!

Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning orange cat breeds with the popular tabby pattern… you will be seeing a lot of fluffy orange tabby cats today!

The Best Fluffy Orange Tabby Cats – Choose Your Favorite

Orange tabby cat lovers, here’s a truly challenging task: choose your favorite fluffy orange tabby cat from these gorgeous options…!

#1 Orange Tabby American Bobtail Cat

Orange Tabby American Bobtail Cat

The American Bobtail cat is a relatively rare cat breed which can have a short or long coat, as well as a number of different coat colors. My personal favorite, you guessed it, is orange fur!

#2 Orange Tabby Maine Coon Cat

Orange Tabby Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is one of the most popular purebred domestic cats. They come in a variety of coats and colors, including the orange tabby!

Despite appearing intimidating due to their large size, and their long, shaggy hair and bushy tail, Maine Coons are affectionate and relaxed cats.

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#3 Orange Tabby Persian Cat

Orange Tabby Persian Cat

The Persian is the classic fluffy cat breed and it is also one of the oldest cat breeds. These cats have long been appreciated for their extraordinarily long, fluffy coat.

With an orange coat and the gorgeous tabby pattern – I find them truly mesmerizing!

#4 Orange Tabby Siberian Cat

Orange Tabby Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat breed is a friendly and affectionate breed that gets along with everyone from adults to children, including other household pets!

The Siberian cat’s distinctive waterproof, triple-layered coat gives these cats a delightfully fluffy appearance.

#5 Orange Tabby Norwegian Forest Cat

Orange Tabby Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian forest cat is one of the largest cat breeds out there. When their coat has fully developed, they have a full mane, a fluffy chest and fuzzy legs.

#6 Orange Tabby Turkish Angora

Orange Tabby Turkish Angora

For a long time, Turkish Angoras were thought to be all-white cats with blue or green eyes. However, today, we have these cats in a variety of colors, including the orange tabby.

#7 Orange Tabby Scottish Fold

Orange Tabby Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat is bright, mild-mannered, soft-spoken, and quick to adjust to new people and circumstances. These cats can have short or long fur, but of course, longer fur is fluffier!

Once I saw the cutest orange kitten ever – it was a very rare Scottish Fold orange tabby kitten!

#8 Orange Tabby British Longhair Cat

Orange Tabby British Longhair Cat

British Longhair cats are peaceful, even-tempered creatures that make great house pets.

They have very dense fur, so even when dividing the hair, it is almost impossible to see the skin through it. Their coat is super fluffy and especially beautiful in the orange color!

#9 Orange Tabby Munchkin Cat

Orange Tabby Munchkin Cat

You might know that the main characteristic of this cat breed is their short legs.

Even though these cute kitties come in many different coat patterns and colors. My personal favorite is, of course, the orange tabby Munchkin cat!

#10 Orange Tabby Ragdoll Cat

Orange Tabby Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is a charming breed with a semi-long coat and the most captivating blue eyes. The orange tabby Ragdoll cat is one of the loveliest color varieties of the Ragdoll breed.

What About Not-So-Fluffy Orange Tabby Cats?

Egyptian Mau

Not all orange tabby cats are longhaired and fluffy; there are short haired cats without the fluff that still display the gorgeous coat color and pattern!

Not-so-fluffy orange tabby cats include:

🐾 Exotic Shorthair

🐾 British Shorthair

🐾 Bengal Cat

🐾 Abyssinian

🐾 Egyptian Mau

🐾 Devon Rex

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Interesting Facts About Orange Tabby Cats

Now that you’ve seen a bunch of fluffy orange tabby cats, let me share a few fun facts about them!

Cats that have solid-colored orange coats do not exist! They may look like they have a solid color, but if you look closely, you will see that they have a patterned coat.

All orange cats come in the following 4 patterns:

🐾 Spotted tabby

🐾 Ticked tabby

🐾 Mackerel tabby

🐾 Classic tabby

Calico and tortoiseshell cats have orange coats as well.

Some of the best cat names have been inspired by the cat’s coat color. Ginger coats can be a great source of inspiration for many cat owners when it comes to choosing cat names.

The X chromosome contains the gene that gives cats orange coats.

Male cats only require a single copy of the gene to develop an orange color, whereas female cats require two copies of the gene in order to have an orange coat

Pheomelanin is a substance that gives a wide range of orange coat pigmentation hues (it is also responsible for red hair in humans).

Compared to cats of other coat colors, ginger cats have a higher chance of getting freckles.

Cat personalities do not depend on their coat patterns or coat colors at all.

To learn more, I suggest reading Orange Tabby Cat – 23 Facts About These Gorgeous Kitties

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen my Top 10 list of the most beautiful fluffy orange tabby cats, I have only one question – which one was your favorite?

Mine is, as you’ve already seen, the American Bobtail. I feel like this cat breed does not get enough spotlight as Maine Coons usually take the number 1 spot in every longhaired-cats competition!.

Whichever you choose, I’m sure your tabby orange kitty choice will be a great one!

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