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Top 13 Best Ragdoll Cat Breeders In Texas

Top 13 Best Ragdoll Cat Breeders In Texas

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Are you looking for a new lovely and friendly feline friend? If the answer is yes, then I suggest a Ragdoll cat breed for you! A Ragdoll cat is one of the most beautiful cat breeds due to its long hair, beautiful big blue eyes, and varied coat color and pattern.

This cat breed is very special because of its loyalty to its owners as well as its friendliness. That’s exactly what makes them a perfect pet for families with children or other pets, and even a first-time pet for inexperienced cat owners.

However, if you live in Texas, or near Texas, don’t think that you need to do a lot of research for your perfect Ragdoll cat. I found you the top 13 best ragdoll cat breeders in Texas. So, read on and check them out because maybe your future best friend is waiting for you in one of these catteries!

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Texas

Ragdoll cats are purebred big cats who are very calm, friendly, and easygoing. Although they may have certain behavior issues, they’re very smart and easy to socialize and train, which is a very important thing to do from a young age.

Moreover, Ragdoll cats are generally healthy cats. Although they’re prone to heart diseases as well as kidney diseases and similar, they have a lifespan of 15 to 18 years, so that means that you can enjoy each other’s company for a long time.

Besides their temperament and health, it’s mostly their appearance that attracts people. Their coats can appear in beautiful colors such as seal, chocolate, cream, blue, lilac, or flame. Besides different colors, they’re characteristic for their different possible patterns: Lynx, Mitted, Bicolor, Colorpoint, or Tortie.

However, when choosing a Ragdoll kitten, you have to pay attention to who you are buying the kitten from and that everything is regular.

You have to be sure that your Ragdoll kitten is completely healthy, and is regularly checked, tested, and vaccinated. So, to help you find a safe and reputable breeder, I am providing you with the list of top 13 Ragdoll breeders in Texas!

So, check them out and feel free to contact them and ask about everything that’s in your interest! Let’s start!

1. Texas BlueRags Ragdolls

📍 Dallas, TX

This is an in-home cattery that is run by mother and daughter, Viki and Amy. Their cattery is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), as well as with CFA and RFCI.

They have a small number of litters per year, but that allows them to devote themselves to each kitten. Their kittens have enough space to move around and grow, giving them also special attention to socialize them from a young age.

All of their breeding cats are tested for diseases, especially the ones that are particular to the Ragdoll breed. Moreover, their cats and kittens are regularly checked and vaccinated.

If you choose this cattery, you’ll be able to choose between Seal or Blue Kittens in Mitted or Colorpoint patterns. So, if you’re interested, check their website and feel free to contact them for any further information!

Breeders Info

Address: Dallas, Texas

Website: Texas BlueRags Ragdolls

Phone Number: 972-523-3548/214-808-3320

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

2. BadgerRags Ragdol Kittens

📍 Denton, TX

This is a newer cattery, but their progress and success are obviously clear because they take special care of their cats and kittens. This small home cattery is located between Denton and Sanger in Texas.

It’s important to mention that this cattery is also a registered member of The International Cat Association (TICA) And Cat Fancier Association (CFA).

Their first breeding program started in 2017 resulting in the first litter in 2018. All of their cats are tested negative for possible diseases such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), Feline Leukemia (FELV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Moreover, all of their cats are regularly checked with properly received vaccinations. When you buy one of their kittens, you get all of that documentation along with the little raggie!

Most importantly, they have special rules in their cattery in order to avoid possible diseases and to keep everything under control. So, if you want to visit them, an appointment is required, and all visitors are required to wash their hands and wear shoe covers before entering their cattery.

They feed their kittens high-quality food and socialize them from a young age, so by the time you take your kitten home, it will already know how to use the litter box and many other things. Your only job will be to continue to give your raggie the love and attention it deserves!

Breeders Info

Address: Denton, Texas

Website: BadgerRags Ragdoll Kittens

Phone Number: 940-231-7078

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

3. KrystalBlue Ragdolls

📍 Fort Worth, TX

KrystalBlue Ragdolls is another small home cattery that’s been raising Ragdoll cats for over 20 years. They offer Ragdoll kittens in Blue or Seal colors with Colorpoint, Bicolor, or Mitted patterns.

They pay special attention to the cat’s health, size, appearance, and temperament. They start training and socializing their kittens from a young age, they’re used to families and children, as well as other pets, which makes them perfect pets in such families.

Cats’ health is crucial in the breeding process, so all of their cats are tested negative for HCM, PKD, FELV, FIV, and other possible diseases that are characteristic for this cat breed.

Anyway, if you’re interested in their kittens, check their website or Facebook page, and feel free to contact them for any comments or questions!

Breeders Info

Address: Fort Worth and Gilmer, Texas

Website: KrystalBlue Ragdolls

Phone Number: 832-702-6381

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

4. Kazodolls Ragdolls

📍 Houston, TX

Kazodolls Ragdolls is an air-conditioned cattery run by Liz and Jack. They fell in love with Ragdoll cats in 2001, after meeting one of the breeders, but their real journey began in 2004 when they decided to use their veterinary experience and breed this particular type of cat.

They started with two cats named KitKat and Lizo, and by using a part of their names, they got a perfect name for their cattery Kazodolls!

They pay special attention to their cats and kittens, giving them the love and attention they need, as well as socializing them from the beginning. All of their cats are tested negative for possible diseases, and they’re also a registered member of TICA.

Reminder: They usually post their available kittens on their Facebook page because it’s easier for them to keep up, so don’t be surprised if you cannot find anything on their website. However, if you don’t have a Facebook account, feel free to contact them and they’ll send you the pictures and information that you need!

Breeders Info

Address: 26810 Maplewood Dr, Spring, Texas 77386

Website: Kazodolls Ragdolls

Phone Number: 832-677-1875


Social Media: Facebook

5. Jamila’s Ragdolls

📍 Smithville, TX

Jamila’s Ragdolls is a small cattery that is also a registered member of TICA. They give special attention to the breeding program in their cattery and, because of that, all of their cats are tested negative for HCM, PKD, FIV, FELV, and other possible diseases.

They have clients from Austin, Dallas, Houston, and other places. Unfortunately, they don’t ship their ragdoll babies, however, they can arrange a pet nanny to deliver your kitten from airport to airport.

Their cats and kittens are not caged and they have a lot of space for running and playing. Of course, they pay special attention to their early socialization so that they will later be perfect pets for families with both children and other pets.

Moreover, they have two large nursery homes next to their home, where they keep Ragdoll moms and their newborn kittens so that they’re separated from male and other female cats and have a calm and quiet place themselves.

They keep their breeding male cats separated from the females because their breeding program is arranged and planned.

When it comes to the kittens, they breed traditional colors as well as mink, white, and sepia Ragdolls. Available colors in their cattery are seal, blue, red, chocolate, white, cream, and lilac. Possible patterns are lynx, bicolor, colorpoint, mitted, or tortie.

All in all, if you’re interested in this cattery and its work, check them out or contact them via phone call, text message, or e-mail.

Breeders Info

Address: Smithville, Texas

Website: Jamila’s Ragdolls

Phone Number: 512-718-9632

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

6. Ragdoll Blues

📍 Dallas, TX

This cattery is run by Kathy and her daughter, who give an incredible amount of love and attention to their raggies. If you choose this cattery, you probably won’t regret it, mostly because Katy will make sure that she responds as soon as possible, as well as provide you with photos of kittens and all information that you seek.

Moreover, this cattery is popular for having solid color Ragdolls. The price of Ragdolls in this cattery is around $1500 for each kitten.

However, if you buy two kittens at once, you’ll get a $500 discount. Unfortunately, when buying a kitten here, you’ll have to collect it because they don’t ship kittens anymore.

Also, one of the most important things to mention is that all of their cats are tested negative for possible diseases. Therefore, if you think that you can find a perfect Ragdoll for you in this cattery, then check them out!

Breeders Info

Address: 1117 Shannon Dr, Cleburne, Texas 76031

Website: Ragdoll Blues

Phone Number: 817-988-0879

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

7. Casablanca Ragdolls

📍 Lampasas, TX

Casablanca Ragdolls is a closed home cattery, which is also a registered member of TICA. Their Ragdolls receive special attention, love, and health care, and all of their breeding cats are tested negative for HCM, PKD, FIV, FELV, and similar diseases.

If you want to contact them for available kittens, sign up to their mailing list, and they’ll let you know when a new litter of kittens becomes available.

Until then, you can check their website and social media in order to see the possible colors and patterns of their Ragdolls so that you can have something in mind when they inform you about available kittens.

However, they have both traditional and non-traditional colored Ragdolls, thus the possible colors are black solid mitted, lilac lynx, solid cinnamon, red solid, seal mink lynx, and many more.

Breeders Info

Address: Lampasas, near Austin, Texas


Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

8. Texas Ragdoll Kittens

📍 Dallas, TX

This is a TICA registered cat breeder that has available kittens almost throughout the whole year. Their kittens grow with other domestic animals and are trained and socialized from day one.

Even though they have available kittens almost all the time, they still manage to give attention and love to each one.

Just like it should be, they put health care at the top of the list, so all of their cats are tested negative for various diseases, and all the kittens are vaccinated regularly, de-wormed, and checked by the vet. So, when buying a kitten, you’ll also receive all the necessary documentation as well as a health guarantee.

This cattery has a lot of clients, therefore, they can deliver your new feline friend to the airport via a pet nanny. Moreover, they suggest that you read their Ragdoll Care page so that you can prepare well before the kitten’s arrival, especially if it’s your first-time Ragdoll pet.

Usually they offer Ragdolls in the following colors and patterns: Blue Mitted, Seal Mitted, Seal Lynx, Blue Lynx, Blue Bicolor, etc.

Take a look at their website or Facebook page and contact them for any information that you need. In addition, they’re offering a $200 discount for two kittens, so if you cannot decide which one to choose, maybe you can get yourself two new best friends, instead of one.

Breeders Info

Address: Dallas, Texas

Website: txragdollkitten

Phone Number: 682-262-7355


Social Media: Facebook

9. Heart Of Texas Ragdolls

📍 Waco, TX

Heart of Texas Ragdolls is a small cattery in Waco, Texas that owns the highest-quality Ragdoll cats. They have a great location, so they can deliver you a kitten in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio and nearby regions.

However, if you come to get your new best friend, then you can also visit their home as well as their beautiful Ragdolls.

Their kittens are raised as a part of the family, they have complete freedom to move around, run, and jump. Therefore, they are trained and socialized from a young age, and each kitten gets enough love and attention.

They’re very serious about this business, which is very important, especially nowadays where you have a lot of fraudsters around. They DO NOT overbreed or inbreed their cats. On the contrary, their cattery is a registered member of TICA, and all of their breeding cats are tested negative for possible diseases.

Moreover, their kittens are regularly vaccinated, de-wormed, and checked by the vet, so when you buy a kitten in their cattery, you also receive all the necessary documentation about the kitten.

For further information about the breed or available kittens, you can either check their website or contact them to find out!

Breeders Info

Address: Waco, Texas

Website: Heart Of Texas Ragdolls

Phone Number: 254-717-5565

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook

10. Pearl’s Ragdolls

📍 Fort Worth, TX

Pearl’s Ragdolls is a small home cattery that produces well-tempered Ragdoll cats in only traditional colors. However, the owner’s goal is to have the healthiest breeding cats as well as kittens, so they’re regularly checked by the vet, and tested negative for all the possible diseases.

The kittens receive special attention and love and they’re being socialized from a young age. Most importantly, the cat and kittens in this cattery are not caged and, in fact, they have a lot of space for their daily activities.

This cattery is also a registered member of TICA and CFA, so if you decide to buy a kitten from this cattery, you probably won’t regret it. So, check them out!

Breeders Info

Address: Fort Worth, Texas

Website: Pearl’s Ragdolls

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

11. Ragdolls Totally Terrific

Ragdolls Totally Terrific is a cattery run by Nilda Tull. Her biggest goal is to provide her clients with healthy, socialized, lovely, and good–tempered Ragdoll cats.

Her cats live in a cage–less environment which means that they’re free to move around and be active.

If you’re interested in her Ragdolls babies, feel free to contact her by phone and she’ll send you the pictures as well as other information about the kitten. The kittens are ready to go to their new home at 12 weeks of age, and they’re spayed or neutered before that.

Breeders Info

Address: Hwy 171 FM 67, Covington, Texas 76636

Website: Ragdolls Totally Terrific

Phone Number: 817-781-2059

12. Regency Ragdolls

📍 Clear Lake, TX

This Ragdoll cattery is run by Denise Saunders and the cattery is a registered member of TICA. They have Ragdoll cats in all the colors and patterns that are recognized and approved by TICA.

They care about their cats and are very devoted to them. They see them as pets, so each of the cats receives a lot of love, care, and attention.

Their Ragdolls are healthy with an excellent temperament. If you choose this cattery, be ready to pay around $1500 to $2500 for a pet quality kitten, and ensure that you are willing to sign some documents such as a no declawing contract. When you buy your kitten, you’ll be provided with all the kitten’s necessary documents.

Breeders Info

Address: Clear Lake, Texas

Website: Regency Ragdolls

Phone Number: 713-484-9337

E-mail: [email protected]

13. Ragdoll Princess

📍 Houston, TX

Ragdoll Princes is a top-quality cattery, located In Houston, Texas. They’re producing healthy, socialized, and beautiful Ragdolls. All of their cats and kittens are TICA registered.

Most importantly, all of their breeding cats are tested negative for HCM, FIV, FELV, PKD, and other diseases. In addition, all of their kittens are vaccinated and checked regularly by the vet and, therefore, they’re ready to be taken to their new home.

They offer delivery for a fee to many different places such as Texas, California, Illinois, Maine, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota and many more that you can see on their website.

They have Ragdolls in the following colors and patterns: seal bicolor, blue bicolor, blue lynx, blue pointed, etc.

So, check them out and feel free to contact them and they’ll definitely help you to find a kitty for yourself!

Breeders Info

Address: Houston, TX

Website: Ragdoll Princess

Social Media: Instagram


Are Ragdoll Cats Worth The Money?

Sometimes, the prices may be crazy, however, many people think that it’s worth paying a large amount of money for a Ragdoll cat. They are calm and lovely cats who are very devoted to their owners.

Besides that, if socialized on time, they can be good pets for families with children and other pets, and that’s certainly an advantage, and they’re even great first-time pets for inexperienced owners.

Moreover, the price also depends on the quality you’re looking for. That means that if you want your Ragdoll to be just your pet friend then there’s no need to pay a large amount of money for a show-quality Ragdoll cat.

Do Ragdoll Cats Make Good House Cats?

With their easy-going temperament, Ragdoll cats are perfect indoor pets. They are calm and very smart cats. You can easily occupy their attention in your home. However, they’re ideal pets for a house, but still, with being so loyal to the owner, their home is wherever you are!

What Is A Fair Price For A Ragdoll Kitten?

The price of a Ragdoll kitten depends on the quality you’re looking for. So, let’s see!

Pet Quality – starts from $400

Breeder Quality – starts from $1500

Show Quality – starts from $1500 – $2250 and higher

What Should I Ask A Ragdoll Breeder?

Here’s a short list of questions that you should ask your Ragdoll breeder, so take a look!

• Where do you keep your cats?

• How long have you been breeding Ragdoll cats?

• What are the possible health issues in Ragdolls?

• What is the difference between pet and show quality?

• Will I get the cat’s pedigree with it?

• What cat food do you use?

• How do you avoid inbreeding?

What Are Some Of The Ragdoll Cat’s Health Problems?

Ragdoll cats are usually healthy cats, however, they’re prone to diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, urinary tract infection, bladder stones, and obesity.

Every cat owner wants to buy a healthy cat. That is why it is important that every breeder tests his breeding cats for these diseases, in order to avoid future possible complications.

They’re also prone to having numerous hairballs due to their long hair. However, despite these possible health issues, Ragdoll cats have an average lifespan of 15 to 18 years.

What Is The Rarest Ragdoll Cat Color?

A Ragdoll may come in traditional or non Ragdoll–traditional colors with different patterns. However, the rarest colors are lilac and red.

To Wrap it Up!

So, if you’re living in Texas or near Texas, then you don’t have to worry about Ragdoll cat breeders because there are plenty of reputable ones in Texas.

Our pets are part of our family, so it’s very important to find a reputable breeder so that we know what we are buying. Besides, every person should do some research on the particular breed and the breeders in order to know what to expect from your future feline friend!

Having read the text, now you know that it provides you with the top 13 best Ragdoll cat breeders in Texas. The best thing of all is that almost all of these catteries are registered members of TICA, which means that they take good care of their pets.

It’s a good thing that some breeders ship their kittens to other states, or they organize a pet nanny to deliver them to the airport. It’s really convenient, especially for those clients that don’t live near the places where certain catteries are located.

Pay attention to everything when buying a Ragdoll kitten and don’t be afraid to ask questions or any further information.

So, once again, if you’re looking for a perfect Ragdoll kitten in Texas, check out the top 13 Ragdoll cat breeders in Texas and find your new best friend!

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