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Just When The Shelter Was Ready To Give Up On This Sad Cat, A Fortune Finally Smiled Upon Him

Just When The Shelter Was Ready To Give Up On This Sad Cat, A Fortune Finally Smiled Upon Him

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This is BenBen, the cat who was once dubbed the “saddest cat in the world.” His story is a rollercoaster of emotions, marked by significant lows and heartwarming highs.

The poor ginger boy was found abandoned on the streets in a dire condition. Thanks to compassionate individuals who couldn’t bear to leave him alone, BenBen was taken to a shelter, where he patiently waited for a second chance at life.

sad shelter cat
Credit: @benbencatcat

At the shelter, it was clear BenBen had been fending for himself for quite some time, coming in with injuries likely from an animal attack. But the shelter staff welcomed him warmly, providing the medical care he urgently needed.

Though his health improved, BenBen remained at the shelter, waiting for a brighter future. So, one day, a family came across BenBen at the shelter and instantly fell in love with him.

cat being held
Credit: @benbencatcat

The sadness in his eyes captured their hearts, but not for too long. The family adopted BenBen, but they soon brought him back to the shelter due to his medical needs. 

They just couldn’t provide him with the care he needed, so they thought it was best to return him to the shelter.

close-up photo of the sad shelter cat
Credit: @benbencatcat

Time passed, and no one even looked at BenBen. He was labeled as un-adoptable because he had to rely on pain medicine his whole life.

The shelter, believing he would never walk as his condition just kept worsening, was ready to give up on him. But, just when the shelter scheduled the procedure, the most unexpected and amazing thing happened.

ginger cat lying on white and blue towel
Credit: @benbencatcat

A lovely couple saw BenBen and chose to give him the loving home he deserved, ensuring his story wouldn’t end there. The couple shared:

“We managed to get everything sorted out the day before… and brought him to his forever home.”

Once BenBen arrived at his new home with a loving family, he instantly transformed. Back in the shelter, he was the saddest cat who had stopped eating, drinking, or showing interest in anything.

sad cat sitting
Credit: @benbencatcat

But, as soon as he felt the positive energy from his new parents, he realized that fortune finally smiled upon him, and he was ready to grab his chance. The couple said:

“We sat down with him for about an hour, and he was instantly full of purrs, smiles, and ‘thank you’ cuddles.”

close-up photo of cat lying
Credit: @benbencatcat

BenBen’s life changed for the better, thanks to the couple who adopted him and helped him fully recover. Despite still having a sad look on his face, BenBen is now a happy and healthy kitty, living his life to the fullest. The couple added:

“He’s doing so well! No one who knew him before can believe he’s turned out so awesome.”

No one believed that BenBen would have a normal life, not even the shelter, until this amazing couple came in and transformed the cat’s life with just a sprinkle of love and care!

ginger cat
Credit: @benbencatcat

Every cat deserves a chance, and if you agree, don’t forget to share this touching story with your loved ones!

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