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Science Teacher Stumbles Upon A Frozen Kitten On His Front Porch And Nurses Her Back To Health

Science Teacher Stumbles Upon A Frozen Kitten On His Front Porch And Nurses Her Back To Health

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Winter is hard for all of us, but can you imagine what it’s like for stray cats who don’t have a place to hide from the cold? 

Such situations usually don’t end well unless you’re very lucky, like this kitty.

photo of a frozen stray cat
Credit: YouTube

One winter, a man found a ginger tabby cat nearly frozen to death on his porch. The man, a science teacher and later a cat’s savior, thought the cat was dead. 

close-up photo of a frozen cat
Credit: YouTube

The temperatures were below freezing for weeks, and he thought the cat couldn’t have survived. But then, he saw one of the cat’s paws barely moving. That was the moment he knew he needed to help the cat right away.

poor frozen cat barely has energy to move
Credit: YouTube

This kind-hearted teacher couldn’t leave the poor cat like that when it had a chance to survive. So, he took the cat inside his home and began trying to revive her.

The man realized the cat was female, and he named her Elsa, after the ice queen from the famous animated movie Frozen. I think he couldn’t pick a better name for this beauty!

photo of Elsa after a warm bath
Credit: YouTube

Next, he gave Elsa a warm bath. In the video below, which has more than four million views, you can see Elsa open her eyes but has no strength to move while the warm water runs over her body. 

He wrapped Elsa in a warm, cozy blanket, and she finally started warming and moving more. He said:

“After giving Elsa a bath, I began to feel very hopeful.”

photo of Elsa recovering by eating from a mug
Credit: YouTube

He constantly talked to Elsa, and after a while, she finally started to meow back at him, which was a good sign.

The man did his best to help Elsa. Finally, after six hours, Elsa started exploring her new environment and eating normally as if nothing happened.

Elsa recovering with the help of a teacher
Credit: YouTube

Then, the man took Elsa to the vet. After the examination, the vet said that the kitty was completely healthy. That was great news since she was nearly frozen to death. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know whether the man adopted Elsa, but I believe he did. Their destiny was to meet each other this way. I also believe that the man bonded with Elsa very quickly, especially after telling her in the video: “Elsa, I love you!”

adorable photo of a healthy Elsa
Credit: YouTube

Whatever happened, I’m glad there are still kind people out there who help animals in need, and I hope Elsa is in good hands right now. 

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