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Hilarious Cat Steals The Show By Interrupting His Owner’s TV Interview

Hilarious Cat Steals The Show By Interrupting His Owner’s TV Interview

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TV interviews are supposed to be a serious matter, right? Well, a kitty named Lisio did not think so.

A friendly cat decided to make an unplanned appearance on TV bringing a smile to everyone’s faces. 

The interview, which was supposed to be a serious political discussion, took a surprising turn as the feline wandered into the shot. The charming cat quickly stole the show, later becoming an internet sensation!

the cat climbed onto the man's shoulder
Credit: YouTube

So, what exactly happened?

The news outlet Nieuwsuur was conducting an interview with a political scientist Jerzy Targalski, and during the interview, his cat Lisio showed up.

Lisio didn’t care one bit about its owner being interviewed and decided it was the perfect time to climb its owner’s shoulders.

The cat’s owner, based on his surprised facial expression, didn’t expect this visit, and he even asked if the cat’s presence was an issue or not.

Next, the cat decided to cover its owner’s eyes with its tail.

Mister Targalski moved his cat’s tail away and continued to elaborate on his answer completely unbothered, as though the cat was not sitting on his shoulders! It seems he is used to his adorable kitty always asking for attention.

a yellow cat on a man's shoulders
Credit: YouTube

Less than a minute from its first appearance, the cat completely stole the show, which many people online found absolutely hilarious.

If you take a closer look at mister Targalski’s bookshelf, you’ll see an adorable – and funny – cat portrait of a cat in a medieval outfit! How funny is that?!

This interview and this cat’s little impromptu visit is a much-needed dose of cuteness that everyone needed! When my friend sent me this video, I just couldn’t stop laughing, and I knew I had to share it with you.

It’s always refreshing to have a little bit of humor and lightheartedness, and that’s exactly what happened during this TV interview. So, thank you Lisio for this funny meowment and for making my day a lot better!

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