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18 Photos Of Cats Who Forgot How To Sit

18 Photos Of Cats Who Forgot How To Sit

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It’s official – our feline friends never fail to make us laugh. Sometimes they do it on purpose, but sometimes it just happens naturally. 

I’m sure many cat parents have found their cats in the weirdest positions possible, at least once in their lives. But this time, we’ll focus on sitting only!

Here are 18 photos of hilarious cats who forgot how to sit! With these positions, they don’t actually look like the kings and queens they usually think they are. 

Prepare for a good laugh as you witness these comical cat poses!

1. I don’t know what’s funnier, the face or the sitting position… 

fat cat on the couch sitting

2. “Waiting for my milk…” 

fat cat outdoor

3. This is just how Rexie’s sitting… 

cat sitting on the sink

Sadly, Rexie never really knew how to sit normally – check his story here!

4. Waking up after a good nap be like… 

fat white and black cat

5. I wonder how this is a comfortable position to sit in! 

funny fat cat sitting

6. Showing its new haircut 

ginger cat sitting

7. Purrfect picture for documents… 

syphnx cat sitting

8. Enjoying the view 

funny cat sitting outdoor

9. Just a ginger being ginger… 

cat sitting in the kitchen

10. Looks like it got busted 

surprised cat sitting

11. What’s better: the haircut or the sitting position? 

dark cat in funny position

12. I just came to say hello! 

cat sitting on the wooden floor

13. Must have been a long day at work… 

cat sitting on the chair

14. This one definitely forgot how to sit like a cat!  

white cat sitting on stairs

15. Cute but funny… 

funny grey cat sitting

16. It’s the ginger again! 

cat sits on the table

17. Drank too much milk and woke up like this! 

cat sits on the outdoor stairs

18. This cat looks like it’s ready for a serious talk! 

black cat siting

I’m sure you enjoyed these hilarious pictures, just like I did. If your own feline companions have also mastered the art of unconventional sitting, we’d love to hear about it! 

Share your funny and adorable cat moments with us in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the paw-some world of cats together!

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