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15 Photos Of Cats Who Actually Love Showers

15 Photos Of Cats Who Actually Love Showers

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You’ve likely heard about the legendary clash between cats and water, right? Well, brace yourselves because not all felines are on the same page! 

Some of our fur-covered friends out there see running water as the ultimate playtime accessory, and they’re all in for a wet and wild adventure.

But here’s the inside scoop: this ‘cats vs. water’ showdown depends on their fabulous fur. Some cats can’t stand that soggy feeling, and they’re concerned about their fur game. Besides, water could potentially lead to ear infections – yikes!

So, if you’re thinking about introducing your fluffy companion to bath time, you’ve got to approach it carefully. Wet fur can really put a damper on a cat’s mood and might even cramp their style.

But hold on, not every cat is a card-carrying member of the anti-water club! The following photos demonstrate that not all cats have received the memo that cats and water are sworn enemies.

These brave kitties are having an absolute blast with their aquatic adventures, and we’re totally here for it! They look incredibly adorable with their wet fur and those “What just happened?” expressions.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these heartwarming moments and start scrolling away!

1. My boyfriend’s brother’s cat loves to stand in the shower and clean his feet

cat with tongue out
Source: imgur

2. “This is my 11yr old Mina taking a bath”

Funny Cat
Source: reddit

3. Playtime, Bathtime, It’s All Good

cat in water
Source: megandiane15

4. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for my cats to be this way

kitten taking a bath
Source: imgur

5. Bought my cat a Nemo swimming bath toy, now he won’t get out of the tub

cat chasing something in water
Source: reddit

6. This Cat Loves Its Tap Water

cat drinks water from the tap
Source: deviantart

7. Same As The Previous One, I Wonder If There’s Something Special In These Taps

cat chasing water from the tap
Source: reddit

8. “My blind, deaf, and brain damaged cat Bonnie, that you all love so much, enjoyed a bath!”

kitten enjoying the care
Source: reddit

9. “My cat fat arming the bathroom sink”

funny cat wth big eyes
Source: reddit

10. We’ve All Had Shower Concerts

11. “And they say cats don’t like water”

cat in bathtube
Source: imgur

12. Cat Bed In The Shape Of A Tub

fluffy cat in a sink
Source: flickr

13. “About to take a shower, when I saw my girlfriend’s cat”

cat licking water
Source: imgur

14. Best Shower Hairstyle Ever

cute cat with foam on head
Source: pinterest

15. “Sometimes my cat has shower thoughts”

Well, don’t we all?

white and black cat in bathtube
Source: reddit

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