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Owner Lets Cat Pick What To Do Throughout The Day

Owner Lets Cat Pick What To Do Throughout The Day

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Every cat parent has a unique way of spending their days with their feline friends. However, this owner decided to do something unusual…

She has a unique way of spending her day – letting her cat, Ringodanyan, call the shots!

If I ever let my cats decide our daily agenda, it would be a cycle of sleeping, eating, and cuddling – not a bad deal, right? Haha!

In the exciting video you’re about to see, Ringo’s owner starts by offering two options for a grooming session, and we get to witness the cat enjoying a little “fur trim.”

The next decision boils down to a walk in the park or a cozy “meowflix” and chill session. Any guesses on which one the cat chose? Of course, it’s everyone’s favorite: meowflix and chill. 

And lastly, it’s a tough call between sleep and play. But this cute kitty is determined to get his fair share of playtime!

When I stumbled upon this video, I couldn’t resist sharing the cuteness! Afterward, I delved into Ringo’s YouTube profile, and believe it or not, I’ve been scrolling through it for an hour. Ringo is one intriguing cat!

Sure, Ringo might occasionally disobey his owner or give gravity a helping hand with things on the counter, but one thing is crystal clear: he adores his human mommy!

He’s not just cute; he’s also one clever cat! Check this out:

Apart from his quirks and impressive trick-learning abilities, Ringo shares the same love for a good nap and delicious treats as most other cats.

Ringodanyan is simply adorable! If you’d like to indulge in more of his charming videos, make sure to follow him on YouTube and Instagram.

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