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Teenage Girl Saves A Helpless Kitten Trapped In A Storm Drain And Forms A Special Friendship

Teenage Girl Saves A Helpless Kitten Trapped In A Storm Drain And Forms A Special Friendship

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One day, Nick Poggilai’s casual hangout with friends turned into something different when she stumbled upon a tiny kitten in need. 

She heard a soft meow and it caught her attention. At first, she couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, so she decided to follow the sound. When she finally arrived, she was shocked to discover a scared little kitten inside a storm drain.

Without any hesitation, Nick immediately knew she had to help, as her dad Felipe Poggilai Bretas shared for The Dodo:

“When she saw the cat, she knew she had to save him”.

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Source: Instagram

No one knows for how long the kitten was stuck in there, but luckily, Nick came to the rescue just in time. If she hadn’t been quick and brave, the kitten wouldn’t have had much of a chance to survive.

Nick’s father, who happens to be a vet, felt joy and pride when he saw his daughter’s kind-heartedness towards animals. He continued:

“I’ve always liked animals, and my youngest daughter, Nick, is the same way. She’s loved animals since she was 1 or 2 years old”.

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Source: Instagram

When Nick saved the little cat from the storm drain, they instantly formed a strong connection. From that day on, she would have a lifelong furry friend.

Even though the cat is getting older, their friendship is still as strong as ever, as Nick’s dad mentioned: 

“The cat is still with her today”. 

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Source: Instagram

It’s really difficult to think about what could have happened to the little kitten if Nick wasn’t there that day. Luckily, her courage and love for animals brought them together and their friendship keeps growing and growing.

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