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This Gorgeous Cat Has Moon-Like Eyes, Earning The Nickname ‘Alien Cat’

This Gorgeous Cat Has Moon-Like Eyes, Earning The Nickname ‘Alien Cat’

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When Monica saved little Pico, little did she know her new feline friend would become an internet darling. 

Pico was just a tiny newborn kitten when a reckless driver hit him with his car. Luckily, Monica was there to save little Pico and provide him with a safe home. 

Pico spent almost three days in a coma after Monica saved him. His new mom was scared for Picos’ life, spending every minute next to his side. 

blind cat
Source: Instagram

However, little Pico was a true fighter and finally opened his adorable green eyes. That’s right, this fluffball used to have perfectly normal green eyes. 

Over the next few years, Pico lived a normal life with his loving mom Monica. He enjoyed outside walks and endless cuddles like any other pet cat.

cat with beautiful eyes
Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Monica noticed Picos’ eyes became kind of cloudy and enlarged, worried she rushed him to the vet. 

It turned out Pico suffered from cloudy eyes, which according to PetMD is a common problem in cats. 

The vet prescribed Pico some soothing medication and assured Monica that as long as her feline friend seemed comfortable, she shouldn’t be worried.

cat with unusual eyes
Source: Instagram

However, over the next few months, Picos’ eyes became enlarged and completely cloudy. They resembled two perfectly round moons, which made him look like he came from outer space.

His cloudy eyes eventually caused blindness, but it didn’t stop Pico from being adventurous. Since it wasn’t causing him discomfort Pico continued to enjoy his life to the fullest!

cat with cloudy eyes
Source: Instagram

Monica shared his story all over social media, and people fell in love with Pico’s unique appearance. He earned many adorable nicknames, like ‘alien cat’ and ‘cosmic kitty’.

Shortly after he became an absolute internet darling, Monica noticed Pico started showing signs of discomfort. He started rubbing his moon-like eyes and his mom knew something was wrong.

She instantly informed Pico’s vet and she decided it would be best to surgically remove his eyes. 

cat after surgery
Source: Instagram

Monica was worried about her feline companion, but she knew he was in good hands. After the surgery, she posted an update on Pico:

“Pico is doing very good! After the surgery he had no complication except a nose bleed, right now it’s all about healing well!”

Although Picos’ eyes earned him cosmic fame, surgery was necessary for him to lead a normal healthy life. 

blind cat laying down
Source: Instagram

I’m glad Pico has a loving family to care for him while he embarks on this new journey!

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