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Grumpy Cat Melts A Cat-Cynic’s Heart And Claims Him As His Forever Hooman

Grumpy Cat Melts A Cat-Cynic’s Heart And Claims Him As His Forever Hooman

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It always warms my heart to see stray cats find their forever homes. Yet what I love even more is when someone who claims they’re not a cat person ends up falling in love with one!

Bob was never a fan of cats. With his allergies, the mere thought of having a feline friend never crossed his mind. But as people say, life has a funny way of surprising us.

One day, he and his wife Jo-Anne found out about a rescue cat found freezing beneath the snow. This poor thing was taken in by the Shuswap Paws Rescue Society and in desperate need of a warm home.

grumpy cat
Credit: Jo-Anne Maynes

Jo-Anne recounted in an interview:

“Our friends told us about this incredible grumpy-looking cat with big cheeks, droopy eyes, and no neck. Bob said, ‘Well, he sounds perfect just like me.’”

Intrigued by this grumpy boy, the couple invited him into their home. And from the moment he arrived, he made himself comfortable as if thinking „Ah, finally found my kingdom.”

Thrilled by the cat’s attitude, Jo-Anne continued:

“He walked right in like the boss he is and rubbed up against us. We expected him to be skittish or shy, but he absolutely wasn’t.”

man petting a cat
Credit: Jo-Anne Maynes

This cat wasted no time in winning over their hearts. He even demanded belly rubs from Bob, melting away any doubts the man had about feline friendship.

Bob was amazed by how quickly the cat warmed up to them. He never saw himself as a cat person, yet here he was, already forming a bond with this fluffy feline.

It was a transformation Bob never expected, but one he welcomed with open arms. He couldn’t help but admit his newfound feelings:

“I can tell already this is going to work. I can almost cry. I don’t even like cats.”

man and a cat sleeping in bed
Credit: Jo-Anne Maynes

It was evident that Bob and his wife fell in love with this cat, so they agreed to foster him. They named him El Jefe, meaning ‘The Boss’ in Spanish, because he sure acted like one.

Despite El Jefe’s tough past, including frostbite and dental issues, he found comfort in their cozy home. 

That first night, he nestled between Bob and Jo-Anne and fell asleep, finally feeling safe and sound. With each passing night, he snuggled closer to them, further deepening their bond.

cat sleeping next to a man
Credit: Jo-Anne Maynes

El Jefe seemed determined to melt Bob’s heart and make him his forever hooman by showering him with affection and love. He groomed Bob’s hair while he slept at night, and stayed close to his side during the day.

Whether Bob was working on a wood project in the garage or chilling in his chair, Jefe was always there to offer his silent support, and Jo-Anne shared:

“That was definitely a sign of affection and love for Bob.”

cat and man sleeping on a couch
Credit: Jo-Anne Maynes

In no time, these two formed a special bond. What made it even more extraordinary was their striking similarities.

They looked like two old pals united by their affection for each other and the adventures they both enjoyed. It was indeed a match made in heaven!

Moved by her husband’s connection with El Jefe, Jo-Anne continued:

“He sits near Bob while he chops wood outside for our fire pit. He has gone with us in my husband’s old pickup truck. Bob’s favorite old dog, Reggie, used to go in that truck doing house renos all the time, so Bob loves having El Jefe ride along with him.”

man and a cat sitting outdoors
Credit: Jo-Anne Maynes

Despite his allergies, Bob knew in his heart that El Jefe was here to stay forever. His sneezing fits were a small price to pay for all the joy this cat brought into their life. Jo-Anne added:

“When Bob was sneezing a lot, I said, ‘Well, perhaps we can’t keep him?’ He gave me a very hard ‘No.’ Jefe is ours forever and has his home here.”

photo of cat and man sitting in livingroom
Credit: Jo-Anne Maynes

It became crystal clear to everyone that El Jefe found his forever home. And even though Bob often wakes up to sneezes in the night, he wouldn’t give up his pal for the world!

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