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It Took This Veterinary Assistant One Purr To Fall Head Over Heels With Her Deaf Feline Patient

It Took This Veterinary Assistant One Purr To Fall Head Over Heels With Her Deaf Feline Patient

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When Rihanna met Peaches, one of her feline patients, it was definitely love at first sight – or should I say the first purr? 

This fluffy purring princess captured the attention of her soon-to-be new mom the moment she stepped her little paws into the vet’s office. 

The story about their bond is simply remarkable! If you’re intrigued, scroll down to find out more!

As a veterinary assistant, Rihanna has the privilege of meeting numerous adorable animals and tending to their needs. It was during one of these days that she encountered Peaches. 

Brought in by a local Humane Society after her previous owner’s house was foreclosed, Peaches needed treatment for a stubborn bacterial infection. 

Once Peaches regained her health and became available for adoption, Rihanna knew she had to bring her home.

Peaches was a one-year-old kitty when she found her new forever human. Initially shy, she spent the first few hours hiding in various nooks and crannies of Rihanna’s home. 

However, as her timidness faded, Peaches began to display her colorful feline personality. 

After spending a week together, Rihanna made an unexpected discovery something not even folks at the shelter were familiar with: She was deaf!

“I tried talking to her, and she had no idea I was there standing right behind her.”

Despite the unexpected revelation of Peaches being deaf, Rihanna remained completely enamored with her furry companion.

It wasn’t just Rihanna who fell head over heels for Peaches; everyone who met her immediately became obsessed with her!

Rihanna believes it’s because of the way she purrs, which strongly reminds people of pigeons. 

“Some people said she sounds like a cicada when she purrs, or a little dinosaur when she purrs. I think pigeon is the most accurate.”

Apparently, the reason she purrs so funny is because of the overgrowth of tissue of some sort. Regardless of the reason, she sounds heavenly! Just listen to her:

Living with a deaf cat like Peaches has its challenges, but Rihanna has found ways to communicate effectively. By flicking the lights on and off or stomping on the floor, she can grab Peaches’ attention through visual cues or vibrations. 

This ingenuity proves that accommodating a special needs pet is entirely possible with a bit of creativity and patience.

You know how they say it: When there’s a will, there’s a way! While some might shy away from the responsibility of caring for a deaf cat, Rihanna stands as a beacon of commitment. 

Her willingness to adapt and overcome the challenges of caring for Peaches highlights not just her bravery, but the depth of her love.

Apart from being deaf, Peaches also recently needed to have hip surgery due to a developmental issue with her femur. 

Fortunately, being a veterinary assistant, Rihanna had access to the best care for Peaches. 

An orthopedic vet performed the surgery, correcting the problem and ensuring Peaches could continue to enjoy a happy and active life. 

Peaches is the epitome of a social butterfly, according to her mom, Rihanna. She’s the kind of kitty that instantly warms up to anyone, whether they’re human or canine, which is pretty rare for a cat. 

Her affectionate nature has earned her the nickname “wicked snuggle bug” from Rihanna, as she loves nothing more than curling up on her lap for a cozy nap.

This friendly feline isn’t just about the cuddles; she’s also quite the entertainment enthusiast, enjoying TV time with her family and diving into a diverse collection of toys scattered around the house. 

It’s clear Peaches is a well-rounded cat, balancing her playfulness with an equal measure of love and cuddles.

Despite her deafness, Peaches doesn’t let it slow her down or diminish her quality of life. Rihanna marvels at how Peaches lives like any other cat, with the minor exception of not responding to calls. 

Rihanna’s deep bond with Peaches is a beautiful reminder of the unconditional love pets bring into our lives.

If you’ve been charmed by Peaches and her heartwarming tale, you’re in luck! Rihanna keeps Peaches’ fans updated with frequent posts and videos on her Instagram. I strongly suggest you give it a follow. 

A pro tip: Seek out those purring videos. They’re incredibly soothing and, be warned, highly addictive – I find myself hitting replay over and over.

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