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Man Spends $71,000 Because Of A Cat Saying ‘And I’d Buy It A Million Times Over’

Man Spends $71,000 Because Of A Cat Saying ‘And I’d Buy It A Million Times Over’

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A man named Justin begins his video by stating “Who saved who?” 

They had endured a cold snap outside for about five days in northern Vermont. Justin picked up the stray cat, and to his surprise, the cat just snuggled into his lap, not minding the car ride at all. 

Justin couldn’t believe the cat was even real. It seemed like this stray cat enjoyed riding in the car, making biscuits and snuggling up in his rescuer’s lap.

Justin picked up all the essentials along the way, and thus began their journey. He gave his new furry friend a bath, which Chester, as Justin named him, didn’t mind at all. It seemed Chester trusted his rescuer completely.

Now, let’s rewind a bit…

cat in man's lap
Credit: Facebook

That day, Justin went to look at a piece of land to buy, and there was this cat hanging out and following his every step. Chester let Justin pet him, talk to him, and even took the food he gave him. 

Justin was determined to bring more food and feed this poor stray during the weekend they planned to come by. However, his plan changed…

cat walking on wooden pallets
Credit: Facebook

He fell in love with the land, and most of all, with Chester. So, he went on to purchase it, promising to give Chester a new home.

Chester was adorable and quickly adjusted to his new circumstances, letting his amazing personality shine through. 

He is extremely playful, always exploring and curiously gazing around, as his rescuer-turned-owner says in the video:

“He is literally the embodiment of a dog cat.”

man walking cat on a leash
Credit: Facebook

Perhaps Chester used to be somebody’s pet, but somehow got abandoned or found himself all alone. Luckily, Justin was at the right place at the right time.

Chester loves to cuddle, enjoys walking on a leash, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than playtime with his daddy. They go on adventures together and he doesn’t seem to mind extra cuddles, being picked up, or riding in a car. How amazing is this cat?

Justin admits it was originally just a piece of land he went out to explore in order to buy and build himself a dream home. 

cat looking at another cat
Credit: Facebook

Then this little guy came along, and now Justin has not only his company but two or three other stray cats that come by their property. They gave him so much purpose. 

Justin understands his values in life and enjoys their company more than anything in the world. He built a shelter next to the house until the house is finished.

man holding and kissing the cat
Credit: Instagram

He brings them food and everything every day, feeling like he’s turning his land into a ‘cat rescue.’ With it all, Justin feels like he bought a $71,000 cat! He says it’s like his punchline for Chester:

“And I’d buy it a million times over, knowing that I got him.”

cat named chester
Credit: Instagram

Well, Chester hit the jackpot with Justin that’s for sure, but it feels like Justin hit it too. He couldn’t be happier to have an amazing cat such as Chester by his side! 

I hope they finish their house soon and move into their new home together, accompanied by many other cats too. 🤭

Follow this amazing duo on Instagram and see what adventures they get up to in the future.

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