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20 Photos Of Spooktacular Halloween Cat Costumes

20 Photos Of Spooktacular Halloween Cat Costumes

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Halloween is hands down one of our favorite celebrations in the USA. Who can resist the allure of dressing up, throwing epic parties, and diving into mountains of sweet treats? 

But let’s face it, our furry feline pals in those cute pet costumes might not be as thrilled as we are.

However, getting our pets involved is all part of the Halloween fun. Dressing up your cat might not be the simplest task, but the end result is totally worth it. 

You won’t believe the incredible transformations these cat outfits can achieve, turning your little feline friend into a fearsome shark, a heroic superhero, a spooky spider, or even a mischievous villain.

Quick note: Always remember that you should never coerce your cat into wearing a Halloween costume just for giggles, as it can stress them out. Only go for it if your kitty is cool with it, it’s similar to a cat harness, and it doesn’t harm them in any way. Let’s keep it fun for everyone!

1. Supercat

the cat in the batman department

2. Trump

Trump cat
Source: Petco

3. Shark!!!

the cat with the ward is standing on the table
Source: retrolife

4. The Little Mer…cat?

the cat in the ward lies on top of the man
Source: @ellemanthey

5. “This Is My Cat Minion”

the cat in the riding man's ward eats food from a bowl

6. Arrr! 

7. Mr. White?

This Cat Is Dressed Like Breaking Bad's Walter White

8. Cat Flinstone

9. Wonder Feline

10. Kit Cat

Siamese cat in the kit kata department

11. Bacon Cat

Bacon Cat sits scowling on the kitchen counter

12. Are They Furriends Or Are They Enemies?

two masked cats

13. “My Mother Torturing My Male Cat”

cat with a white veil

14. If “The Evil Dead” Had A Cat

a cat with a motorcycle mask on its paws
Source: cat-cosplay

15. You Are What You Eat

16. Punk Is Not Dead

17. It Seems Like This Cat Is Not A Fan Of Halloween

a yellow cat disguised as a whale

18. Spider Cat

the cat is sitting on the bed disguised as a spider

19. Another Cat That’s Not A Costume Fan

20. BatCat

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