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Random Cat Invades Fashion Show And Tries To Fight Models 

Random Cat Invades Fashion Show And Tries To Fight Models 

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Why is it called CATwalk if there are no cats at all? This is probably something this random cat was thinking about, so she decided to turn things around.

This random cat appeared out of nowhere and literally stole the Esmod International Fashion Show.

While famous models were showcasing an array of designer clothes by Göksen Hakkı Ali, this random cat appeared out of nowhere and started pawing and scratching models who were walking by. 

Besides her ferocious attack, the cat also showed awesome poses in the middle of the catwalk and stole the whole show. The designer said:

“Everybody was in shock!”

After this strange feline invaded the show, all camera flashes were pointed at her, and obviously, the cat enjoyed all the attention she received there. However, not everything was so great…

Apparently, the cat didn’t like other models walking around her at all. Because of that, she tried to fight them and show them who was the main star of the night. 

This hilarious kitty brought a smile and joy to everyone present at the show, but not just that. After the invader kitty went viral, she definitely won all of our hearts.

Now, keep scrolling and enjoy the photos from the real CATwalk!


a cat at a fashion show in front of a girl


journalists take photos of the cat


a gray and white cat invaded the fashion show


a cat jumps on a girl's legs at a fashion show


the cat lay down on the floor and watches a fashion show


a cat lies down and licks itself at a fashion show


a cat jumps on a girl's dress at a fashion show


a cat looks after a girl at a fashion show


cat set fashion show


suddenly the cat ran into the fashion show


a cute cat walks through a fashion show


the cat disrupts the fashion show

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