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Has Anyone Ever Seen A Medieval Cat?

Has Anyone Ever Seen A Medieval Cat?

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Back in medieval times, cats had quite a reputation, and it wasn’t always good! Some folks thought they were connected to all sorts of spooky stuff like paganism and witchcraft. 

But you know what’s funny? Despite the skepticism, old manuscripts give us some hilarious cat pics. These furballs were kind of a big deal in medieval life!

So, back in those days, people had a thing for flaunting their pets. It was like a fancy status symbol. If you had a pet monkey, you were basically flashing a neon sign that said, “I’m rich, and I’ve traveled to faraway lands!” 

medieval cat leaning to the side
Credit: Instagram

The real VIPs? They often posed with their pets, typically cats or dogs, to showcase their importance. 

Take a look at the paintings – they’re downright hilarious! It’s a fun glimpse into how cats might have appeared back then, though without cameras, artists had to use their creativity!

white medieval cat
Credit: Instagram

Speaking of cats, they were also in paintings of feasts and cozy homes, proving they were the OG pets. People in medieval times really pampered their feline friends. Sounds familiar? 

close-up photo of medieval cat
Credit: Instagram

There’s even a record from the early 13th century about someone buying cheese for their cat. 

Queen Isabeau took pet pampering to the next level in the 14th century, dropping a ton of cash on fancy accessories for her pets – we’re talking squirrel collars and cat couture!

medieval cat on table with food
Credit: Instagram

Believe it or not, scholars back then were all about cat life. They wrote poems praising cats as the ultimate study buddies, giving off some seriously fuzzy feelings about their connection.

black medieval cat vit collar around its neck
Credit: Instagram

Cats were like symbols of status even in religious spots, often spotted chillin’ with nuns in old manuscripts.

photo of medieval cat lying
Credit: Instagram

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and cuddles. Some folks, like the 14th-century preacher John Bromyard, thought cats were basically just rich folks’ accessories. Talk about a harsh review!

scary medieval cat
Credit: Instagram

Unfortunately, cats also got caught up in some devilish rumors, which led to some losing their nine lives. 

This wasn’t great during plagues when cats could’ve helped keep the rat party under control.

medieval cat hissing
Credit: Instagram

But here’s the kicker: Despite not being universally loved in religious places, there were no official bans on cats. 

They were part of the family, and you can spot playful cat pics in old monasteries.

orange medieval cat
Credit: Instagram

The bottom line is cats were a big deal in medieval times, and our ancestors’ love for them wasn’t all that different from ours today.

photo of medieval cat
Credit: Instagram

Now, we have our own adorable little furballs, and we can’t help but chuckle at these hilarious medieval cat depictions. Hope you had a blast reading this – feel free to share the fun with your friends! 

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