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20 Heartfelt Pet Rescue Moments That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

20 Heartfelt Pet Rescue Moments That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

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Rescuing an animal is such a noble pursuit. When we adopt from rescue organizations, we’re doing so much more than just offering a forever home to an animal in need and gaining a pet.

By adopting rescue fluffs, we are directly influencing the number of spots left in the shelter. In other words, we’re making room for a new cat or dog to come in. 

Adopting a rescue pet also discourages unethical breeding practices and supports responsible pet ownership. And since most of these organizations provide excellent veterinary care, there’s no need to fear adopting an unhealthy pet.

However, above all, this act of kindness is truly a gift in itself. Adopted pets are almost always extremely grateful, full of love, and eager to form strong bonds with their new parents. 

This provides a sense of true companionship and emotional fulfillment – on both sides! 

If you’re still not convinced, I encourage you to check out these 20 adorable pet rescue photos below. The love and happiness on their faces will definitely change your mind and make you want to become a pet rescue pawrent yourself!

1. “Thank you for adopting me, hooman. Let’s hug!”

a playful cat lies on the grass
Source: Reddit

This is exactly how I imagine the best hug in the world!

2. “I used to be a street kitty, and now I’m working in a library. Dreams do come true!”

Excuse me, Miss, do you have Purride and Purrejudice available? 

3. “We are Monty and Tuck, and we prefer not to be separated.”

two cute puppies are lying on the towel, hugging each other
Source: Reddit

You know what they say: Two is a company! However, in this case, even three could never be a crowd. 

4. “I’m Babe and I love to smile!”

a cute dog lies in the garden with its tongue out
Source: @petlife.jpg

Honestly, Babe looks like a perfect dog! There’s something so sweet about his smile. 

5. “My name is Kipling, and I don’t understand the concept of purrsonal space.”

a cat sleeps on a man's head
Source: Reddit

Don’t worry, kitty. You’re not alone. I know plenty of cats who don’t understand the concept of personal space.

6. “It’s Boone here, but my pawrents call me a miracle!”

Booney, your positivity is contagious! You just made my day better!

7. “I know I’m small, but I have a big heart!”

a cute kitten with brown eyes in a man's arms
Source: Reddit

There’s something special about rescuing a kitten. You get to witness the little fluff grow and a front-row seat for all the antics they’ll perform. What a privilege!

8. “Did I hear that right? You think I’m pretty?”

Oh, you’re definitely the prettiest girl in the world!

9. “I’m such a distinguished gentleman, right?”

a beautiful dog in a cage
Source: Reddit

Yes, yes, very distinguished! 

10. “Hi, I’m Colby, and I love to stare at my human in adoration.”

a black pit bull leaning on a pillow
Source: Reddit

I don’t understand how people can be afraid of dogs just because they’re of a certain breed. There are no bad dogs, just some nasty prejudices!

11. “Our mom wanted something nice to decorate her home, so she chose us.”

two cute kittens are sleeping on the carpet
Source: Reddit

Well, your mom and I have a very similar style.

12. “It was a difficult journey, but we’ve made it! We’re finally BFFs!”

the cat lies next to the German shepherd on the bed
Source: Reddit

Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs can be friends! They just need a little help from their beloved owners.

13. “We are Froot Loop and Cheerio, advoCATes of rescue in pairs.”

I fully support your campaign, guys!

14. “I just love napping in my furrever home!”

gray cat sleeping curled up on the floor
Source: @milaplusmika

With a belly full of delicious food and a roof over your head, who wouldn’t have fallen asleep like that?

15. “My big sis struggles with anxiety, so I’m here to help her feel better.”

the kitten sleeps leaning on the mother kitten on the pillow
Source: Reddit

Sometimes, rescuing a feline when you already have one waiting at home can be beneficial for both of them. Isn’t that amazing? 

16. “Hi! I’m Cha Cha, and my favorite activity is chilling in my window seat.”

How crazy is it to look at the great outdoors you were once a part of, right? 

17. “We are best friends, and we love napping next to each other!” 

cats sleep next to each other
Source: facebook

I get it! I love napping with my bestie, too!

18. “My name is Lil Porky and look how happy I am!”

It’s incredible what adopting can do to a pup! Lil Porky looks like the happiest dog on the planet!

19. “I’m Harvey, and I’m always so happy!”

Dear Harvey, I wish you all the happiness in this world! You’re such a joy!

20. “Who said non-biological sisters have to hate each other?”

two cats resting their heads against each other
Source: Reddit

No jealousy. No hatred. No competition. Just pure love with these two!

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