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Hilarious Struggles All Cat Owners Can Relate To

Hilarious Struggles All Cat Owners Can Relate To

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All cats are unique and they all have their own quirks. However, cat owners know that all cats have many other things in common as well. This is why it’s so easy to relate to the many cat photos circulating online.

Here’s a compilation the Happy Whisker crew made of the most relatable photos. Every one of them will surely make you laugh and say “That’s just like my cat!”

From cats messing up with window shades, to cats being caught red-handed, or should I say red-pawed. Haha, scroll down and have a good laugh!

1. This man’s cat broke off a single part of the window shades, and now we see why…

2. The owner thought the cat’s being suspicious… I believe them!

3. “So this is why I was getting sleep paralysis…”

4. I can’t relate to this one… but it’s hilarious!

5. This is one resourceful kitty…

This cat was living with 4 roommates, and they were all feeding him. So they came up with a planned feeding schedule…

6. This person bought a couch from Craigslist, and a cat came in it!

Couch cats strike again… hahaha.

7. My cats do the same thing…

This cat has got a food timer, and all he does is sit and wait for it.

8. Which one is which?

9. Every cat owner deals with bee stings at least once in their pet’s life

10. Dinner is r…

You don’t even need to finish the sentence and there your cat is. 

11. This cat identifies as a step.

12. We’ve all been there…

13. Caught red-handed!

14. Cat-proved.

15. I think she likes shrimp?

16. When you try to take a photo with your cat…

17. If you don’t buy them their own litter box, they get angry…

18. I sometimes wonder if cats know they’re not supposed to do things, but do them anyway…

19. Cats wake us up at dawn and then sleep all day… while we’re sleepy at work!

20. Cats will explore anything they set their mind to!

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