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Meet Olive, The Cat With Dual-Toned Eyes

Meet Olive, The Cat With Dual-Toned Eyes

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I’m sure you’ve come across cats with different colored eyes, like Bowie, right? But have you ever laid eyes on a feline with dual-toned eyes?

Meet Olive, an Oriental Shorthair cat who’s an absolute showstopper. Not only is she pristine white, but her eyes are a mesmerizing work of art.

Both her eyes are a stunning combination of sapphire and amber, a unique sight that’s hard to look away from.

cat with dual toned eyes
Source: oddity_olive

Olive doesn’t follow the standard one-amber, one-blue-eye rule; instead, she dazzles with both eyes, sporting this captivating dual-toned look. It’s like her eyes are split right down the middle, with the inner half in blue and the outer half in amber.

This striking eye color is a result of a genetic condition called sectoral heterochromia, which causes the iris of an eye to display two distinct colors. In Olive’s case, it’s a bewitching blend of amber and blue.

cat with strange eyes
Source: oddity_olive

There’s often a belief that white cats with blue eyes are more prone to deafness. However, according to the Cornell Feline Health Center

“Blue-eyed, white cats are not more prone to blindness, either hereditary or acquired, than other cats.” 

Their research does indicate that around 17-22% of cats with non-blue eyes are born deaf, whereas roughly 65-85% of cats with blue eyes may be deaf.

Despite these common assumptions, Olive’s hearing is purrfect.

white cat with dual toned eyes
Source: oddity_olive

Olive’s journey into her loving family was quite unexpected. Her mom, Kim, was on the lookout for a new addition to her family. 

“I was looking for another kitty to join the family to make it four. I wanted a lively kitten to fit in with my others.”

two cats posing
Source: oddity_olive

She wanted a lively kitten to fit in with her existing feline crew. When she saw Olive, it wasn’t just her unique eyes that caught her attention.

“It was quite dark when I picked her, the lady lifted her into the light and said she may have odd-looking eyes.”

Well, the shelter lady’s prediction couldn’t have been more accurate!

cat with colorful eyes
Source: oddity_olive

Kim started Olive’s Instagram page back in 2017, and her followers have been multiplying ever since. Don’t miss your daily dose of Olive’s enchanting beauty; be sure to give her a follow.

cat with wide open mouth
Source: oddity_olive

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