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Hissing Feral Cat Transforms In Just 30 Days And Learns To Love For The First Time In Her Life

Hissing Feral Cat Transforms In Just 30 Days And Learns To Love For The First Time In Her Life

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Nikki Martinez, a dedicated foster mom from My Foster Kittens in Las Vegas, has faced all sorts of challenges in her fostering career. Yet, taking in a tiny, feral kitten proved to be an especially demanding task.

The kitten, a white long-haired beauty with black patches, was found skinny, dirty, and very aggressive. 

Having fended for herself her entire life, the kitten was extremely frightened of humans. Despite that, Nikki was determined to transform her life.

cat hissing
Credit: YouTube

To start, Nikki placed her in a cozy, contained space to help her relax and feel secure there. Unimpressed, the kitten wanted nothing to do with Nikki at first. But, that’s why Nikki has a whole plan in such situations, saying:

“The first day, I don’t handle them at all. I let them decompress, and then we start work the next day.”

The next day, Nikki began the socialization process, adjusting the kitten to her voice, presence, and touch. Despite the kitten’s initial resistance and apparent anger, Nikki’s persistence paid off as the kitten soon began to purr, signaling a breakthrough.

feral cat
Credit: YouTube

Progress was slow but steady. However, a significant turning point came with bath time. The kitten came to Nikki dirty and matted, needing a bath, but she had to wait for the right moment. When she decided the kitten was ready for the bath, she said:

“So, this is either going to be the bravest thing I’ve ever done or the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”

cat getting a bath
Credit: YouTube

Thankfully, the bath went smoothly, marking a shift in the kitten’s demeanor. Right after the bath, Nikki started brushing the kitten, and she seemed to really enjoy it. 

While enjoying the brushing session, the kitten slowly approached Nikki, as if she was finally ready for her big transformation.

cat wrapped up in a towel
Credit: YouTube

From that moment, Nikki used the brush to adjust the kitten to human touches, and she was sure that they’d make some progress. Over time, she slowly switched the brush with her hand, and the two of them slowly started to bond. Nikki added:

“The biggest moment, I noticed, was when she came up into our bed for the first time on her own.”

close-up photo of cat in pink blanket
Credit: YouTube

The kitten started showing her true personality and even began playing with different toys, which she didn’t like in the beginning at all. Nikki shared:

“After weeks and weeks of talking to her, I knew that we had really made progress then.”

After only 30 days, the kitten completely transformed and learned to trust humans. Nikki was also surprised that this kitten was one of the two of her foster kittens with the highest interest in adoption.

photo of feral cat
Credit: YouTube

However, choosing the right home among so many applications was easier than expected. Nikki chose a family who had adopted from her before, knowing they’d get along purrfectly.

Unlike many fosters who feel a tinge of sadness at adoption time, Nikki felt pure joy and pride in the kitten’s accomplishments. She said:

“I’m really happy. I’m proud of her, and I’m proud of the progress she’s made.”

From a hissing feral kitten to a friendly, delightful companion, she now thrives with her new family, spreading happiness in her forever home. 

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