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Keep Your Cats From Hiding Under The Bed With These Tips

Keep Your Cats From Hiding Under The Bed With These Tips

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Many cats become frightened by loud noises and unfamiliar scents in their safe environment, which is why they run away to hide. Their hiding place is, more often than not, under their owner’s bed. 

This behavior is a natural instinct for cats – to seek shelter in an unknown situation and observe it from a safe distance before reemerging. However, it’s not ideal for cats to hide under the bed for a couple of reasons.

Why It’s Not Good For Cats To Hide Under The Bed

cat lying under the bed

Many cat behaviorists argue that anyone who has cats shouldn’t have openings under their beds.

There is a risk that a cat may hide under the bed and, during an emergency, the owner may be unable to reach them. There have been unfortunate stories of cats getting trapped under beds during evacuations.

Secondly, hiding under the bed prevents cats from overcoming their fears. As responsible pet owners, we should encourage our cats to become independent and well-adjusted in their home environment at all times.

I started thinking about this a lot when my friend Pam had difficulties with her senior cat, Nala. Nala started hiding quite a lot, leaving Pam perplexed about what to do. 

There were moments when Pam would spend hours searching for Nala before realizing she was hiding under the bed.

Pam and I suspected that Nala’s time was drawing near, as many cats prefer to be alone when it’s time for them to pass away. This realization devastated Pam, as she didn’t want her beloved Nala to spend her last days all alone.

So, together, we came up with a solution and blocked off the area under the bed. 

We took Nala to the vet, but there were no new health issues – she was just old and slowing down. Pam showered Nala with love until the very end, and she remains grateful that we prevented Nala from hiding away under the bed during her final days.

Here’s How We Blocked Off The Under Bed Area

photo of a bed

We used under-bed storage boxes and pillows. Pam had a body pillow that proved incredibly useful. Although it may not be a perfect long-term solution, it served its purpose at the time. 

First, we used the boxes to occupy most of the space, then we placed the pillow in between to completely block off the area under the bed. 

We left a small space at the foot of the bed where Nala could still lie and feel safe, yet close enough for Pam to reach her whenever needed.

Here’s How You Can Do It Too

drawer under the bed

If you’re facing a similar situation, here’s how you can do it, too. Depending on the size of the space under your bed, you have several options to choose from:

• Store-bought bed blockers come in different sizes and materials.

Under-bed storage containers can be customized or found in stores, depending on your bed type. They are available in soft and hard-sided versions and provide additional storage space. 

• Some people use chicken wire, although it may not be the most visually appealing or effective solution for cats. 

• You can also consider getting a new bed with built-in storage, which solves the problem entirely!

Provide Your Cat With Other Places To Hide

It’s important to provide your cat with other safe hiding places. While they may still need a cozy spot to retreat to, ensure it is easily accessible for you. You can use a simple box, purchase cat condos, covered cat beds, or cat caves.

cat in a cat play house

Do you have a cat that hides under the bed? Have you ever considered preventing them from doing so? We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

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