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Your Cat Is Scared Of Cucumbers? Here’s Why!

Your Cat Is Scared Of Cucumbers? Here’s Why!

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Every cat owner will face certain challenges throughout their journey of being a cat parent. There are moments filled with overwhelming cuteness, but also moments that make us question the nature of cats. 

Now, let’s unravel the infamous “cats vs cucumbers” debate. A few years ago, people started a trend of filming their cats’ reactions to cucumbers, with most cats being frightened by them. 

However, here’s why we should avoid doing it!

Why Are Cats Scared Of Cucumbers?

There are a few reasons behind a cat’s scared reaction. But first, let me briefly explain about cats and fear. Cats are generally more cautious than other animals. They pay great attention to details in their environment, particularly to any changes. 

Cats possess a fight-or-flight response, similar to humans. Jump scares also work on cats, just like they do on us. So, if you ask me, suddenly seeing a cucumber in your safe space could even startle me, let alone my cat. 

Cucumbers = Snakes

Indeed, cucumbers can easily resemble snakes to our beloved feline companions. Their fear of snakes is instinctual, which often justifies their fearful reaction towards cucumbers. 

In a cat’s eyes, a cucumber may resemble a snake, prompting them to jump high to avoid a potential snake bite. While some find it amusing, it’s actually quite fascinating. 

This reaction has helped their feline ancestors in escaping predators, including snakes, for millions of years.

However, some experts argue that some cats lack a natural fear of snakes and may even hunt them. So, why else would a cat be afraid of a cucumber? 

The Vegetable Appears Suddenly

It’s possible that cats aren’t necessarily scared of cucumbers per se but rather startled by their sudden appearance. Imagine this green, peculiar object “sneaking up” on your cat.

In many videos, owners place cucumbers behind their cats, and when the cats turn around, they jump out of fear. Check out this video compilation below:

Or was it surprise?

This sudden appearance of a cucumber, or any object for that matter, is enough to startle anyone.

So, the reason might as well be that our cats are simply surprised and startled by the sudden presence of any object near them, rather than having a specific issue with cucumbers, humorously speaking.

Why We Shouldn’t Scare Our Cats With Cucumbers (Or Anything)?

Cat with cucumbers outside

Do you enjoy being startled or shocked? No? Well, neither do cats. Regardless of how funny or cute their reaction may be to you, purposefully startling your cat is never a good idea.

Cats can easily develop fear and lose trust in you and humans in general. It can have a negative impact on the bond you share with your cat. 

Startling and scaring your cat can lead to stress, which may result in health issues such as urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

Anxiety is another condition that can affect your cat as well! Therefore, it’s better to avoid triggering it by playing pranks or scaring your feline friend. 

Sphynx cat sniffing the cucmbers

And there you have it. I hope this brief article helps you understand why we should never follow senseless online trends, especially those that harm our pets (or anyone, in general). 

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