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Shivering Kitten Abandoned On The Street Finds A Loving Home Thanks To A Kind Stranger

Shivering Kitten Abandoned On The Street Finds A Loving Home Thanks To A Kind Stranger

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Life on the streets can be really tough for kittens. They don’t have anyone to take care of them, so they have to find their own food and a safe place to stay. Sadly, not all of them survive in these conditions. 

Chu Jiu was one such kitten! He was just a little baby, not even a month old when a kind-hearted person found him shivering on a dark street. 

stray kitty being found
Credit: YouTube

When they picked him up, he didn’t even make a sound. He was so skinny and small that they hardly felt anything in their hand. It was a miracle that he had managed to stay alive all this time. 

Once they realized he was alone, the rescuer waited for a while to see if Chu Jiu’s mom would come back, but she didn’t.

So, without hesitation, they decided to take him home and give him a cozy bed, yummy food, and tons of love.

abandoned kitten
Credit: YouTube

After they arrived home, they made a warm and cozy place for Chu Jiu inside a box. They also gave him milk formula, which was probably his first real meal in a very long time. 

He eagerly devoured it all, as if each sip brought him back to life. Even though he seemed to be doing fine, they still watched over him carefully. 

To make him feel even more at ease, they prepared a litter box for him, some dry food in case he got hungry again, and a comfy bed for him to sleep peacefully in. However, the next day, Chu Jiu’s recovery took a scary turn. 

kitty grab human hand in glove
Credit: YouTube

Even though he had already learned how to use the litter box, everyone was shocked to discover there was blood in his stool.

His rescuer was very concerned and knew they had to act fast. They decided it was best to give him some medicine, hoping he would get better soon. 

Luckily, Chu Jiu was a strong little cat. He wasn’t bothered at all and was just playing, eating, and acting completely normal.

kitty with big cat
Credit: YouTube

He adjusted quickly and started to show his playful side as he explored his new surroundings. 

With the help of the medicine and a warm bath, he finally relaxed and felt calm. Despite all the obstacles, Chu Jiu managed to pull through.

His rescuer was, without a doubt, already in love with him, and now they felt an even stronger connection with this brave little survivor.

However, just when they believed everything was over, something happened. Chu Jiu met Candy, another cat his rescuer brought in.

cats watch tv
Credit: YouTube

At first, they were friendly, but then they started getting into fights. Since Chu Jiu was smaller, he would usually be the one who loses.

However, Chu Jiu didn’t want to give up on their friendship! On the third day, something changed and he wasn’t afraid of Candy anymore. 

They started playfully hitting each other and chasing each other joyfully, with Chu Jiu being the one to initiate those playful attacks. By the fourth day, they were eating together, which showed that they were starting to trust each other more.

kitty in the baggage
Credit: YouTube

Chu Jiu’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From a scared and silent kitten found on a dark street, he has blossomed into a healthy and playful cat. 

As a reward for his bravery, Chu Jiu got a special treat! Once he got better and bigger, his family planned a fun vacation just for him. Now, his days are full of love, snuggles, and yummy food.

Despite facing so many challenges, I’m really glad that these nice people discovered him and gave him the opportunity to grow and heal. 

Maybe we all could think about adopting a pet who needs a home, helping out at a nearby animal shelter, or just leaving some food and water for stray cats in our area. At the end of the day, they need it the most. 

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