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Watch How This Spunky Kitten Keeps His 130-Pound Dog Brother On High Alert

Watch How This Spunky Kitten Keeps His 130-Pound Dog Brother On High Alert

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When Latoya Greene, a female US soldier and a certified professional fitness trainer, welcomed her first cat into her life, she never anticipated dealing with such an audacious little guy. 

What really threw her for a loop was discovering that her little feline newcomer, named Dimonte, was more than ready to bully her 130-pound dog, Purpose.

It’s hard to tell how Dimonte became a part of Latoya’s life. In one of her Instagram posts, she said how he was supposed to be taken to the shelter, but she made a decision to take him in. 

Latoya said how, even though she never considered herself a cat person, adopting Dimonte was never second-guessed. She wrote:

“I know nothing about cats but I hate to see animals mistreated.”

Once Dimonte settled into his new home, he wasted no time establishing his dominance over the entire house. He knew he was a born leader, so he acted accordingly!

With unwavering confidence, he took every opportunity to climb on top of furniture, play with Latoya’s wigs, and even demand to be carried on her shoulders, asserting his royal status.

However, the funniest thing in that household is definitely the dynamic between Dimonte and Purpose. 

In the beginning, Purpose wasn’t so happy with his new roommate, as he was used to being Latoya’s only fur baby. However, in a matter of days, he grew fond of Dimonte and they soon became best buddies.

While many initially worried about introducing a tiny kitten to a massive Cane Corso, it soon became evident that Dimonte was the one to watch out for.

Because, as Latoya jokingly put it, Dimonte is a menace! He loves to bully his big brother and his favorite activity is definitely waking him up from his nap.

At first, Purpose allowed Dimonte to have his way, seemingly aware of the size difference and wanting to avoid any harm to his younger sibling. 

However, as Dimonte grew, Purpose began to stand up for himself, ensuring he remained gentle. 

Their playfights became a regular thing in Latoya’s home.

The bond between Purpose and Dimonte extended beyond wrestling matches. They enjoyed each other’s company during naps, meals, walks, vet visits, and even while Latoya recorded her fitness videos. 

These two inseparable pals were always by each other’s side.

The affection between Purpose and Dimonte is truly heartwarming. If you’ve enjoyed their relationship as much as I have, be sure to check out Latoya’s Instagram for more delightful videos featuring Dimonte and Purpose.

And if you have similar videos to share, don’t hesitate to do so! Stay pawesome!

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