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Street Kitten Who Can’t Open His Mouth Due To Injuries Arrives At Shelter For Help

Street Kitten Who Can’t Open His Mouth Due To Injuries Arrives At Shelter For Help

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Recently, rescuers at a local shelter were shocked when a street kitten came to their shelter, unable to open his mouth due to severe injuries.

Without hesitation, they took the kitten under their wing, determined to give him a new lease on life.

A street kitten named Tom faced numerous challenges in his life. He arrived at the shelter, unable to open his mouth due to injuries, needing immediate help.

Fortunately, the compassionate rescuers refused to give up on him and instantly took him under their care.

One of the shelter volunteers fed Tom with a syringe and began treatment medication, but sadly, it had no effect. Tom’s injuries were so severe that specialized medical intervention was needed, which the shelter couldn’t provide.

Recognizing the urgency, the shelter reached out to Marie, the founder of a rescue community One Cat At A Time, who couldn’t ignore the kitten’s plight.

After the agreement, the rescuers sent the kitten off to the rescue, where a new beginning awaited him. 

Upon arriving at his new foster home, the severity of Tom’s injuries shocked everyone. Marie explained in an interview:

“He had a fractured skull, and his jaw was broken in more than one place.”

It was assumed that Tom had been attacked by another animal and neglected, leaving the poor soul to suffer and fight for his life.

During the vet examination, Marie and other rescuers feared the worst, but luckily, the vets had a surgery plan for Tom. 

Despite his rocky start in life, Tom was a lovely and affectionate kitten who instantly captured the hearts of everyone at the rescue.

After careful preparations, Tom underwent challenging surgery and came out as a winner. 

The vets removed a part of his jaw, allowing him to open his mouth normally again. Marie shared:

“Tom will have a crooked jaw, but he will be able to eat on his own. He will have a much better quality of life. After all that he has endured, he deserves the good life.”

Tom showed a great will to live, amazing everyone around him with his fighting spirit. Just a day after the surgery, he was already back on all fours, enjoying every bite of food he couldn’t eat since the injury. Marie added:

“This means everything. It was the first time in weeks that he could open his jaw and eat like a normal kitten.”

As he recovered, Tom blossomed into a happy and playful kitten who didn’t let anything stop him from living his life to the fullest.

The next challenge Tom had to face was finding a forever home. While his rescuers worried that his crooked jaw might affect his chances of adoption, this concern proved unfounded. 

Three months after being rescued, Tom found a forever home next to a loving family who instantly fell in love with him. Marie shared an update with excitement:

“He has been with his new dad and feline siblings for just two days, but it already feels as if he’s always been a part of their lives. We knew he would adapt easily. He is fearless. He has left a mark in our hearts.”

After overcoming numerous challenges, Tom is now living the happy life he always deserved to have, and nothing, not even his charmingly crooked jaw, can hold him back.

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