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Marble The Rescue Kitten Provides Tender Care To An Orphaned Monkey In Need

Marble The Rescue Kitten Provides Tender Care To An Orphaned Monkey In Need

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There’s this misconception that cats are too cold-hearted. However, as devoted cat enthusiasts, we know very well how loving our furbabies can be right from the get-go. 

Being affectionate is not something they learn as they grow, but rather a natural talent they’re born with, and today’s hero is here to prove that. 

Allow me to introduce you to Marble, a rescue kitten who helped her orphaned monkey friend William out and gave him the love he was unfairly deprived of. 

monkey with cat
Credit: twalatrust

Life was pretty rough for little William from the start. He lost his mother early on and was thus condemned to fend for himself. 

Luckily for him, he landed at The Twala Trust animal sanctuary, where he met a very interesting friend. 

Unaware of the future that was ahead of him, William clung to his new feline buddy, Marble, as if he were clinging to his own mother.

cat with monkey in hug
Credit: twalatrust

Now, Marble might have been just a kitten, but she knew how to be there for William. Having lost her own mom young, she totally got what he was dealing with.

Just look at her lying next to him! She’s a born nurturer, isn’t she? 

With Marble around, William started to relax and appreciate the good stuff around him. She showed him the ropes of their beautiful animal sanctuary, where he got to hang out with all sorts of animals. 

However, without a doubt, his best buddy was Marble!

monkeys and cat laying together
Credit: twalatrust

There are a lot more orphaned animals, particularly kittens and monkeys at the Twala Trust animal sanctuary. 

Marble and William are just one such power duo, but there are also two more rescued felines Marlow and O’Malley, and monkeys George and Maurice. 

These six buddies love doing everything together – playing, jumping, running, or just chilling side by side. It’s like they’re growing up together, totally unaware of their differences. It’s a lesson for all of us, really!

Once William, George, and Maurice are big enough to handle life on their own, they’ll head back to the wild. 

Sure, they’ll enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors, but you can bet they’ll never forget their awesome feline pals who had their backs when they needed it most!

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