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Tiny Adventurous Kitten Breaks Free From His Cage To Play With A Puppy Next Door

Tiny Adventurous Kitten Breaks Free From His Cage To Play With A Puppy Next Door

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Trust me when I tell you, the video you’re about to watch is the cutest thing ever! I stumbled upon it the other day when I was feeling a bit blue – and it literally made my day! 

It features a tiny Scottish Fold kitten and a Golden Retriever pup, both residents at Jolinn Pet House animal shelter. 

What more could you ask for? In my book, a story about a kitten and a puppy is the ultimate cuteness package that’s sure to boost your mood!

kitten in a cage
Credit: YouTube

In the video, the tiny adventurous kitten named Miao Bitie escapes his glass enclosure and joins his goldie neighbor next door for a play sesh. 

Despite the slippery glass surface, the determined kitty bravely makes his way out of his cage. 

Miao Bitie struggles for a while, meowing squeakily for help, but eventually succeeds and reaches his destination. 

All the while, the puppy eagerly awaits his new friend, wagging his tail and jumping with excitement.

According to shelter workers, the kitten and puppy had not met before the day this video was taken. 

They arrived at the shelter together from a local pet store and were placed in adjacent glass enclosures. 

Since both were still so young, not more than three months old, they each needed a playmate to help them explore the world around them through playful interactions.

kitten escaping the cage
Credit: YouTube

The moment the mischievous kitten saw an opportunity to escape his cage, he seized it, instantly joining his new friend and initiating a friendship likely to last a lifetime. 

His climb was challenging but successful, and the puppy was visibly excited for his friend’s success!

adventurous kitten escaping cage
Credit: YouTube

One person in the comment section wrote something I wholeheartedly agree with. They said: 

“This is so wholesome, every animal should have a companion when waiting for adoption; toys, and shelter workers sometimes just aren’t enough.”

I think this is so true! Often, the best comfort comes from friends, and we shouldn’t deny animals this wonderful opportunity.

If this video made your day as it did mine, please let me know in the comments below.

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