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Rescuers Shocked To Find Poor Kitten Completely Drenched In Tar, Fighting To Stay Alive

Rescuers Shocked To Find Poor Kitten Completely Drenched In Tar, Fighting To Stay Alive

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Unbelievable! This poor kitten was discovered unable to move, completely covered in a dark, sticky substance. Can you imagine? It turned out to be tar. How inhumane must someone be to do such a thing?

cute fluffy kitten wrapped in a blanket
Credit: CTV News

This three-week-old kitten was found by a local resident. The kitten was completely covered in tar and fighting for her life, while her two siblings were not covered completely and managed to survive with minor injuries.

While they got out without severe issues, this kitten was in a devastating condition; the rescuers were deeply concerned for her well-being.

They named her Ashley, and one of her rescuers, Sandi Lawson, explained the severity of the situation:

“When we found Ashley, she was in horrible condition. She would have not survived.”

Animal activists in that area suspect that someone must have done this on purpose. It is believed that someone deliberately poured tar on the property, knowing that there were kittens present. Lawson expressed her disbelief: 

“Somebody had come onto this property to pour tar. Likely because he knew there were cats and was not a fan.”

Just horrible! Ashley suffered severe injuries, with the tar covering her entire body, even causing her eyes to seal shut. 

While all three kittens received veterinary care, Ashley’s condition was critical, requiring her to stay under intensive care as her survival was uncertain.

glued kitten
Credit: CTV News

Ashley was in the ICU for 24 hours, which did not come out cheap. Her stay resulted in a significant cost of $1,700. However, kind-hearted strangers came forward to cover the expenses. Human kindness has no boundaries… 

Janice Richard, Ashley’s foster parent at the time, expressed gratitude for the swift community support, stating:

“We were able to raise that money very, very quickly. And not only that, the community has come together for this little one. I have a table full of receiving blankets and food.”

The collective efforts of Janice, the compassionate strangers, and the community provided Ashley with a newfound chance at life. Janice expressed her disbelief that someone could commit such an atrocious act against a helpless kitten. 

“Take tar, however, it happened. We don’t know exactly how, but even tarring a hole where there are little kittens, they have to come out. She took the worst of it.”

the glued kitten meows
Credit: CTV News

Thankfully, Ashley was recovering very well. She soon regained her ability to walk, although the long-term effects of her ordeal remain uncertain. 

Janice diligently used a mix of pet-safe soap and mineral oils to remove the remnants of tar from Ashley’s fur. She shared:

“Every three hours, I have to take the tar off of her. Which was a huge endeavor. She’s just a little doll. She’s endured so much, and she’s got a great personality.”

During her journey to recovery, Ashley remained under Janice’s foster care until she was ready for permanent adoption. Fortunately, everything turned out positively, and Ashley was in great health, eagerly awaiting the reunion with her two siblings. 

Speaking with local reporters, Janice shared: 

“It’s been a long road for her to come back. I’ve had to keep at her for quite a while to get all that tar off, but all the tar is completely gone. Her eyes are perfectly clear. I don’t see anything that would give me any indication that there’s a health problem anywhere.”

Now, this is just terrific news! 

When their local television station shared this heartwarming story, it captured the hearts of cat lovers far and wide. Adoption applications flooded in, although Janice and Sandi emphasized that Ashley would be adopted alongside her siblings. 

However, this did not deter true cat lovers. A wonderful couple eagerly welcomed Ashley and her two siblings, Ty and Vanessa, into their home. 

cute kittens in a cage
Credit: CTV News

Gerry and Joanne Drew fell in love with Ashley and were even more thrilled to learn about her siblings. Joanne expressed her heartfelt emotions:

“My heart just broke, I could not imagine. And to see her now, it’s just amazing. I hope we’re going to have a great, long life with all three of them.”

Ashley has transformed into an amazing little kitty. She adores cuddling and being embraced and picked up by her humans. 

Janice is delighted to have found a loving family for the kittens, although she can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness as Ashley has left an indelible mark on her heart.

cute fluffy rescued kitten
Credit: CTV News

All the kittens are now leading happy lives, and the fact that their terrifying survival story culminated in such a joyous ending is truly remarkable.

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