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Kitten In Terrible Condition Found Under A Car, Hiding From The Pouring Rain

Kitten In Terrible Condition Found Under A Car, Hiding From The Pouring Rain

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As someone deeply involved in animal rescue, I often come across heart-wrenching situations. But every now and then, a story stands out, like that of a tiny kitten named Cowbelle.

She was found all alone under a car, soaked to the bone and hiding from the pouring rain. This little “cow” kitten had a spirit that couldn’t be dampened. 

A compassionate individual discovered her, took her in to warm her up, and gave her some food. Soon they noticed she was having trouble breathing so they rushed her to the vet.

At only eight weeks old, Cowbelle was exposed to the harsh conditions of NYC street life. 

By the time she reached the animal hospital and was taken in by Little Wanderers NYC, she was in rough shape, but her will to live was undeniable. Little Wanderers NYC shared on their Facebook page:

“Baby kitten Cowbelle is trying very hard to live, and it’s working.”

Cowbelle faced a severe upper respiratory infection that developed into pneumonia, a big challenge for such a small kitten. A dedicated veterinary team provided her with everything she needed. 

She received all the necessary medications, a much-needed oxygen treatment, and even round-the-clock care. 

After a week at the hospital, she was sent home, only to be rushed back to the emergency room shortly after.

It was a tense few days, but Cowbelle held on. She purred through her treatments, ate despite having no appetite, and found comfort in the people caring for her. As Little Wanderers NYC shared:

“She spent so much time in the hospital that she has more veterinary friends than any other kitten we know. She’s got the whole team on her side.”

After weeks of intensive care, Cowbelle fought through and surprised everyone once again with her incredible will for life. 

This feisty little fighter overcame the fever and pneumonia as well, all thanks to the support of her loving foster family. 

Even when she developed a mild seizure disorder, Cowbelle managed to handle it! As her caretakers said: 

“She is a world-class fighter. She is a sweet, feisty little girl who runs around, plays, and behaves like nothing ever happened.”

Despite the hurdles she faced early on, Cowbelle now thrives in her foster home, continues to play, and curiously explores every corner of her environment. 

She has a natural charm that endears her to both people and other cats. She loves to lay belly-up on the bed, paws in the air, with a goofy “grin” that could melt the hardest heart. 

When she wants attention, she’ll give you head butts, rub against your legs, and purr like crazy. She’s one cunning little kitty that gets under the skin of everyone who meets her. Little Wanderers NYC described her perfectly: 

“This kitten has had more issues in her short life than many of us see in a lifetime. She’s surely on one of her nine lives. She lived. She thrived. She’s strong. She’s got the eye of the tiger, and we all heard her roar louder than any lion.”

Now five months old, Cowbelle is ready to find her forever home, where she will be adored and treated like royalty. 

Her seizure disorder is well-managed with medication, which she’ll need for life, but she lives just fine. She is a brave little feline who never gave up and won’t give up! Every day is a new adventure for her.

“She’s now elevated back to normal little kitten status. She sure is a champion.”

Share Cowbelle’s inspiring story with your friends, and check out more on her and Little Wanderers NYC on Facebook.

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