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Good Samaritan Finds Kitten Stuck In A Rat Glue Trap And Decides To Help Him

Good Samaritan Finds Kitten Stuck In A Rat Glue Trap And Decides To Help Him

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This is a story about a kitten aptly named Sticky, who had a rather rough start in life. At just three weeks old, he found himself stuck in a glue trap for rats at a Montauk hotel. 

Fortunately, a good Samaritan discovered him alone and struggling and decided to take action. 

After freeing him from the trap, the person contacted The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons – ARF, knowing very well they would know what to do.

Sticky immediately became a part of ARF’s program called Operation Cat, which aims to remove kittens from feral colonies and make them adoptable.

The good people at ARF faced a real challenge getting this little guy cleaned up. They had to soak him in soapy water and bathe him for hours until every residual piece of glue was gone. 

Once Sticky was all clean, they gave him a thorough vet checkup to assess his health. Fortunately, they discovered he was a happy and healthy three-and-a-half-month-old kitten. 

Afterward, they placed him with a wonderful foster lady. Under her wing, Sticky was set to grow bigger and learn how to properly socialize with people, preparing him for adoption.

Sticky’s foster mom needed one look to fall head over heels with him. She adored his playful nature, outgoing personality, and friendly spirit. As a skilled foster and cat socializer, she saw Sticky as the perfect candidate to teach socialization skills.

Before Sticky could be put up for adoption, he needed to reach a weight of 2 pounds. So, her task was to teach Sticky how to interact with humans and ensure he received proper nutrition and regular weigh-ins every morning.

This part proved a bit tricky, as Sticky was extremely wiggly. Fortunately, Sticky was already close to 2 pounds, and the woman was confident that some lucky person would be able to adopt him within just a few days.

When reflecting on her fostering experience, the lady admitted that it had never been an easy calling.

“It’s always hard when you have these little darling things and you get so fond of them to give them up. But it’s very rewarding to know that when I give him up he’s not gonna run from people – he’s gonna run to people.”

She was confident in her success with socializing little Sticky. She felt certain that anyone who adopted him would be just as infatuated with him as much as she was. 

You might expect this is the part where I tell you about the person who ended up adopting Sticky. And while that’s coming up, there’s a little twist to Sticky’s adoption story. 

Believe it or not, Sticky is a foster fail. Yes, you’ve read that right! This little guy ended up staying with his wonderful foster mom.

“I guess we’re just a little stuck on Sticky – if you know what I mean.” 

Oh, we know what you mean! Who wouldn’t be stuck on such a lovely cat? 

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