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Officer Saves A Cat After Dangerous Earthquake

Officer Saves A Cat After Dangerous Earthquake

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I don’t know about you, but February 6th started off like any other Monday to me, while for this Turkish gendarmerie officer, I believe it was unimaginable. 

On Monday morning, somewhere around 4 am, a deadly earthquake struck the border region of Syria and Turkey, and this frightened white feline got trapped under the rubbles of a mall that crumbled due to the strength of the earthquake. 

Luckily, this officer got there just in time. The cat would have otherwise stayed trapped, or even worse, got crushed by the rubbles since more earthquakes followed after that. The cat probably wouldn’t have lived if it wasn’t for this brave officer. 

This is something nobody, not one of us, can predict and prepare ourselves for. I can only imagine the emotions and hardships these people are going through.

This picture was posted Monday afternoon on Anadolu Agency’s official website, where we can see a Turkish gendarmerie officer rescuing a white cat from the rubbles of Galeria Mall. 

turkish officer holding a cat after earthquake

If it wasn’t for this officer, who knows if this cat would have come out from under the rubble alive.

It’s only been a day since the earthquake struck, and there have been more than 4,000 deaths reported. 

People around the world have been shaken by this incident, but what gives us hope is that the Turkish gendarmerie is doing everything it can to rescue all living beings stuck under the ruins.

turkish officer saving a cat under the ruins

Can you even imagine what it would be like to find a helpless cat under the rubble of an earthquake?

I’m sure this officer could not have imagined the day he was going to have…

earthquake survivors helping a cat

In these terrible times, it is a positive thing to see how humanity still exists and how these people are doing the best they can to save every living being – from people to cats. 

Animals also need love and protection, but unfortunately, in tough times like these, they tend to be forgotten very easily. Our pets, dogs, cats, etc. need food and shelter, just as much as we do.

Luckily there is always someone there to help, just as we see in this example from Monday in Diyarbakir after a terrible earthquake struck and the rescue team managed to save this poor kitty from the ruins. 

officer and citizens helping a wounded cat

Gendarmerie and residents of the affected areas, rescue teams, and search teams are all united in their efforts to help people and animals trapped under the rubble. 

I can’t even imagine the horrors those poor people are going through right now. Several earthquakes struck this area, and in just one day, thousands of people lost their lives, and even more people lost their homes and their loved ones. 

We have the people struck by this disaster in our thoughts and hope that these tragic incidents will soon end.

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