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Rescuers Save Kitten From Storm Drain Only To Discover She Had Unexpected Company There

Rescuers Save Kitten From Storm Drain Only To Discover She Had Unexpected Company There

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One day, the awesome people at Somerset Regional Animal Shelter (SRAS) had to deal with a wet and wild situation – a little kitten, who they named Stormi, got stuck in a storm drain! 

kitty in a drain
Credit: SRAS

When they got there, they realized how tough the situation was. They worked really hard for three hours to save the cold and wet kitty and then took her to the shelter to take care of her. 

Stormi was getting better, which showed how much the shelter cared, but then something unexpected happened.

kitten coming out form a drain
Credit: SRAS

A couple of days passed, and the phone at SRAS started ringing with a familiar, unsettling tone. And sure enough, another kitten’s cries could be heard coming from the same storm drain! 

This time, it was Sunny, a small black and white kitten, even tinier and more vulnerable than Stormi. 

Animal control officer Chris, a champion of kittens in distress, immediately sprang into action. He realized he had to be gentle, so he lowered his net and carefully lifted Sunny to safety.

black tiny kitten
Credit: SRAS

Now, here’s the twist: these sisters are complete opposites! Stormi, who is a bit older and more daring, is like a brave princess compared to Sunny, who is delicate. 

But even though they look different, they both understand what it’s like to be scared and lonely. Unfortunately, by the time Sunny came, Stormi had already been taken to a nice foster home. 

But don’t worry, cat lovers! The shelter promised that they would be reunited once Sunny was healthy again, thanks to their amazing matchmaking skills.

And wouldn’t you know it, Sunny did amazing on her vet exam, just like a top student! She was soon headed to a foster home reunion that would warm even the coldest heart. 

Finally, two little kittens were purring happily as they were finally reunited. It’s so heartwarming, it might make you reach for a tissue.

two kittens on bed
Credit: SRAS

While the sisters enjoyed their time together, the shelter kept looking for the perfect forever home for them. And all that effort was worth it! Stormi and Sunny were adopted together a few weeks later, finding their happily ever after!

Cheers to Stormi and Sunny! I hope they have lots of sunny days, fun playtime, and cozy cuddles in their forever home. It warms my heart to see these sisters reunited with the help of kind people and lots of love.

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