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Kitten Has An Emotional Meltdown Every Time His Owner Does This

Kitten Has An Emotional Meltdown Every Time His Owner Does This

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Whoever thinks that animals don’t have emotions, well, they couldn’t be more wrong. 

Our feline companions, those lovable little furballs, have an amazing way of communicating their feelings and needs through their vocalizations and body language.

Now, let me introduce you to Dexter, a charismatic kitty who’s about to prove just how emotionally expressive our feline friends can be. 

Dexter is what you might call a “talkative” cat, and he has no reservations about letting his human know exactly how he’s feeling.

One day, Dexter’s owner shared a heartwarming moment on TikTok. It’s the typical morning routine – the owner getting ready for work while Dexter cozily lounges in bed, tucked behind a pillow. 

But there’s a twist: Dexter isn’t happy about the impending separation, and he wants his owner to know it. With soft, plaintive meows, he communicates his discontent. 

When his owner gently inquires if he’s upset, he responds with another brief meow and buries his furry face even deeper into the pillow. It’s almost as if he’s saying, “Yes, I’m not thrilled about this, and I’m letting you know!”

Now, some might see this behavior as a tantrum, but in reality, it’s quite common among our feline friends when their beloved humans are about to depart. 

Especially in the case of younger cats like Dexter, who tend to form strong attachments, these emotional outbursts are their way of expressing separation anxiety.

It’s essential to pay attention to your cat’s behavior, as it’s a window into their emotions. 

Even though cats are often seen as independent creatures, leaving them alone for extended periods can lead to anxiety, depression, and other related issues.

Luckily, there are solutions to this furry dilemma. If you must leave for work, ensure you spend quality time with your cat when you return home. 

Engage in play and snuggles to reassure your feline friend that you’re back, and the world is right again.

cat hiding
Source: TikTok

Another great idea is to provide your cat with stimulating puzzles and toys. These distractions can keep your kitty mentally and physically engaged, making the time you’re away less noticeable.

For the tech-savvy pet parents, consider installing a pet camera in your home. This allows you to interact with your cat remotely, offering comfort and reassurance through your voice, even when you’re not physically present.

Lastly, the ultimate solution to avoiding cat tantrums, separation anxiety, and loneliness is to consider adopting another kitty. 

cat has tantrum
Source: TikTok

By bringing a new feline companion into your home, you’re not only making your existing cat happier, but you’re also saving another cat’s life and giving it a fresh start. There’s truly no better feeling than that.

So, let’s remember, our cats are more than just independent creatures; they’re emotional beings who thrive on love, attention, and companionship. 

And in return, they offer us endless joy, comfort, and those adorable conversations that warm our hearts. 

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