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Rescue Team Finds Frightened Kitten Sheltering Among Snowy Rocks At Bradford Beach

Rescue Team Finds Frightened Kitten Sheltering Among Snowy Rocks At Bradford Beach

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In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a team of compassionate volunteers recently embarked on a rescue operation at Bradford Beach to save a scared kitten who had taken refuge among the snowy rocks along the shore.

Like many cats, this little feline’s instinct to seek shelter when frightened led her to hide among the wintry terrain.

Alone, young, and likely hungry, this little furball held onto hope that her situation would somehow improve. And fortunately, it did!

granny holding cat on snow
Credit: urbancatmke

The little tortoiseshell kitty had been surviving among the beach rocks for who knows how long, enduring the freezing cold weather.

Fortunately, her plight soon captured the attention of the local Milwaukee community, particularly one compassionate individual deeply moved by her vulnerability.

Inspired by his concern, a group of volunteers with a shared love for animals quickly rallied together for a rescue mission to save the distressed cat. 

scared cat between snowy rocks
Credit: urbancatmke

Despite their best efforts, the kitty remained elusive, steadfast in her decision not to trust humans, even for her own safety.

Clearly terrified, she opted to stay nestled between the rocks, retreating deeper into the crevices with each attempt to coax her out.

As time ticked by, the volunteers’ concern for her safety only intensified, fearing the grave consequences of her prolonged seclusion in the rocky terrain.

cat peeking
Credit: urbancatmke

Before all hope was lost, someone reached out to the Urban Cat Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the community cat population in Milwaukee through targeted trap-neuter-return (TNR) efforts.

With renewed urgency, they joined the rescue mission, despite the looming snowstorm and plummeting temperatures. Emilie and her team faced terrifying conditions as they rushed to Bradford Beach.

Initially, the harsh weather made their mission seem impossible, leaving them feeling hopeless. But the resilience of the human spirit prevailed. Two more volunteers, Karen and Sara, persisted in their search despite the adverse conditions.

woman warming cat on snowy day
Credit: urbancatmke

Karen came up with a clever idea to tie a piece of ham treat to a shoelace, using it to lure the kitty out. 

Surprisingly, this simple yet effective plan worked! Intrigued by the delicious treat, the kitty emerged from her icy shelter.

They named her Ruby and quickly found a foster family where she could – for the first time in her life – enjoy the comforts of a warm home. 

Check out this video the Urban Cat Coalition shared on their Instagram profile to get a glimpse of how their rescue mission went: 

Despite being covered in snow and enduring freezing temperatures, Ruby quickly bounced back. 

Initially timid and still a bit scared, she soon warmed up to her new humans, accepting food, playing with toys, kneading in her warm bed, and enjoying belly rubs.

I think we can all agree that her transformation is nothing short of remarkable! 

rescued cat in her box
Credit: urbancatmke

For those wondering how Ruby survived, many speculate that kind-hearted Milwaukeeans regularly left her food near the rocks. 

Additionally, volunteers noted that dead leaves in the crevices of the rocks likely provided some insulation and warmth during those harsh weeks.

Be that as it may, I’m just glad that Ruby’s abode is no longer the cold stones of Bradford Beach, but a warm home of some good and cat-loving people.

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