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Tiny Kitten Rescued Just In Time After Getting Severely Burned In A Fire Pit

Tiny Kitten Rescued Just In Time After Getting Severely Burned In A Fire Pit

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This is Arson, a tiny kitten who had a rough beginning in his life. He wasn’t always as full of energy and joy as he is now. 

Unfortunately, he ended up in a very terrifying situation when someone started a fire and neglected to check the fire pit first. 

Arson was desperately searching for shelter and ended up getting caught in the flames, which sadly resulted in burns on his fragile little body. 

ginger cat with burns
Source: TikTok

Thankfully, a kind-hearted person named Bethany came to his rescue. She discovered the poor thing burned and frightened. Driven by her love for animals, she provided him with a safe haven and gave him the care he needed to heal. 

Determined to raise awareness about his situation, she decided to share a video of Arson on TikTok

@saucy_skates Say hello to Arson & help me wish him a quick recovery! PSA to always check firepits/wood or brush piles before lighting them! #kittenrescue #psa #survivor ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

The video quickly went viral, and countless people waited for updates on his recovery every day. Bethany shared:

“He was rescued from a fire pit, but it was not intentional. He was likely hiding in the wood pile. His mom might have put him in there because it looked like a safe place and they didn’t even know he was there when they lit a fire.”

sweet cat with burns
Source: TikTok

The road to recovery was quite challenging for Arson. He had to undergo therapy for his injuries and endure persistent pain. 

The burns mainly affected his paws and face, but luckily they were not life-threatening. However, with time, he started feeling better. As Bethany shared:

“He is, of course, getting medical care. He is on antibiotics, he has a wound wash and an ointment for his burns and he’s also got pain meds. So, he is being well taken care of and he will be better in no time.”

cat with burns
Source: TikTok

Thanks to Bethany’s love and care, Arson bounced back in no time. He started eating again, his fur grew back, and he even made some new fur-ever friends.

On top of that, he gained some new skills: he learned to play, use the litter box, and eat without any help. Bethany continued sharing regular updates on Arson’s progress and his recovery, mentioning:

“He is doing great and eating well! He loves to snuggle and he likes trying to catch my fingers.”

three kittens
Source: TikTok

People online kept asking about his eyes, as well. However, Bethany reassured everyone that his eyes were perfectly fine. 

His unique appearance was a result of missing fur due to burns. He could still close them and open them without any issues.

Today, Arson is the picture of health. He enjoys long naps, bursts of playful energy, and the companionship of his new friends. Bethany continued:

“Through it all, he’s just remained the most positive, happy, sweet, and loving little boy.”

cat licking paw
Source: TikTok

Yet, his story carries a lesson. A simple peek into the fire pit before lighting a fire could have prevented this whole traumatic experience.

Always remember to check before you act, because there are stray and defenseless animals out there looking for a safe place to stay. They might end up finding a shelter somewhere where they could get hurt.

Soon after getting fully recovered, Arson was put up for adoption. However, he couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from his best friend Jonas. That’s when Bethany decided to put both of them up for adoption as a pair. 

black and ginger kittens sleeping
Source: Instagram

Now, Arson and Jonas have found their forever home and are living their best lives together. They even have their own Instagram account where you can watch their incredible journey and see how much they have grown!

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