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Abandoned Kitten That Kept Crying For Help Is So Glad Someone Heard His Desperate Plea

Abandoned Kitten That Kept Crying For Help Is So Glad Someone Heard His Desperate Plea

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If you believe that mother cats are always caring, well, here’s a story to prove you wrong.

Alyssa Masten, a kitten rescuer, and director of operations at orphanedkitty_corner, brings us the amazing story of how she found two abandoned kittens in desperate need of help.

Their paths connected when Alyssa heard loud cries from a barn. Upon inspection, she discovered a tiny kitten, left alone with his brother.

Both kittens had severe eye infections, so it was safe to assume that their mom abandoned them. 

She took the kittens and immediately provided them with the necessary help. But, what amazed Mantes the most was the size of one of the kittens. 

She named that kitten Copper; he was special because he was only half the size and weight of his brother. 

Despite being around 2 weeks old, tiny Copper looked as though he was a newborn kitten. Mantes said:

“I was incredibly concerned upon first seeing them, but he has been a great eater and is overall healthy otherwise.”

She also added:

“I’m already obsessed with the little thing and am excited to post updates on his progress! If his size continues to stay below average, we will explore further, but I am betting he will catch up.”

That’s how the recovery period started. Mantes would feed Copper his formula along with the bird sounds in the background. 

“Once Copper started gaining his energy, his personality blossomed!”

She usually leaves background noise for her kittens, especially when she leaves for work. She says:

“They like a variety of classical music, thunderstorm, birds, and ocean waves each week!”

Copper was so tiny and interesting that he got all the attention, and Mantes almost forgot to introduce his brother, Silver. 

Silver is a normal-sized kitten with the bluest eyes and white whiskers. He’s basically perfect in every possible way; he’s beautiful and healthy. He even started growing tiny teeth, and he loves to purr and relax after every meal.

Both kittens were improving rapidly, and there’s no doubt Mantes found them loving homes and families. 

They have a loving family of cat lovers where they’ll have lots of cuddles, playing, and napping to do. So, I hope they’re living a happy life now and that they still purr after every meal.

It’s all thanks to Mantes, who heard the kittens’ cries and saved them. If it weren’t for her, who knows what would have happened to these poor, tiny boys!

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