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These Pets Can’t Get Enough Of Their Humans And Their Obsession Will Make You Laugh

These Pets Can’t Get Enough Of Their Humans And Their Obsession Will Make You Laugh

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You know that special connection between people and their furry friends? Well, it’s known as unbreakable and deep for a good reason!

Think of it as magnets, you know, opposites attract? Just like how the North Pole attracts the South Pole; humans and animals seem to be drawn together like that.

Animals might seem different from us, even superior in some ways, but that’s what makes the bond so rock-solid. Once we form these unbreakable bonds with our pets, there’s no turning back. It’s all love, care, and joy from there on out. 

Our pets take it upon themselves to keep us smiling, stress-free, and entertained, and in return? They just want buckets of love, heaps of affection, and loads of treats. Can’t blame them, they deserve it!

And the love? Oh, it’s deeper than the Grand Canyon, pure as fresh mountain air. Those furballs won’t move an inch from their beloved owners, no siree!

Now, buckle up ‘cause today is going to be a heartwarming ride with some pawsome pictures of pets stickin’ to their humans like glue! Well, who can blame them? They simply care too much. 

Scroll down for the ultimate dose of wholesome goodness!

1. Shoulder Cat Cleo

“The best thing about fostering is getting to experience cats with wildly different personalities like our new shoulder cat Cleo!”

adorable kitten on man's shoulder
Credit: Reddit

2. Hold My Paw

“He can’t see me while lying down so he sticks one paw straight up so I can still interact with him.”

human hand holding a dog's paw
Credit: Reddit

Well, if this ain’t clingy, I don’t know what is.

3. Classic Dad Who Didn’t Want A Pet

“Ladies and gents, I present my husband who did not want a cat”

cat standing on man's shoulder
Credit: Reddit

4. He Took The Word “Never” Literally

“My cat never leaves my side, so I gave him a chair to chill on when I bathe”

man taking a bath with cat next to him
Credit: Reddit

5. This Dog Chose Himself A New Hooman

“My dog is absolutely in love with my girlfriend and never leaves her side”

dog sleeps with woman in bed
Credit: Reddit

Well, I say, wife her up! The dog has spoken.

6. Look At This Distinguished Gentleman

“Leo likes to sit like this and watch me brush my teeth.”

cat relaxing on the wooden shelf
Credit: Reddit

7. I Dare You Not To Pet Me

Imagine trying to work while this cute face stares up at you. Im-paw-sible! 

cute cat with man by the laptop
Credit: Reddit

8. This Is An Intervention

These two feline beauties didn’t like their owner leaving for work every morning, so they decided to get in his way. If he can’t wash his face, he won’t leave the house. 

two cats sitting on the sink
Credit: Reddit

9. “He Likes To Be Close… Very Close”

woman posing with dog on the couch
Credit: Reddit

This dog understood the phrase “close connections” literally.

10. They Think They’re A Pack Of Wolves

“5 good girls in one picture. They follow everyone into the bathroom to ensure proper hand washing technique.”

dogs in the hall
Credit: Reddit

11. “This Is How Loaf Wakes Me Up”

Every morning!

funny cat on woman's face
Credit: Reddit

12. What Is Privacy?

“We no longer have any shower privacy when these two team up… and closing the door is not the answer, it only makes things worse.”

dog and cat in the bathroom
Credit: Reddit

13. Old Habits Die Hard

“One year apart. He likes sitting on my shoulder and watching me work. Guess he forgets he’s bigger now”

man gaming with cat next to him
Credit: Reddit

14. Will You Wake Up Already?

“My dogs waiting outside my door for me to wake up.”

adorable dog peeking out
Credit: Reddit

15. Their Love Is As Big As This Dog

“115lbs of a 9-month-old lap dog, who’s terrified of everything.”

huge dog laying on man
Credit: Reddit

Yep, we’ve all been there. My 60-pound pitbull is afraid of everything, he snuggles up next to our tomcat every time there’s thunder. 

I hope you enjoyed these funny photos, and I bet most of them are relatable. Feel free to share this and spread the laughter with your friends. 

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