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Adorable Tabby Kitten Steals The Show At Wedding And Becomes The Favorite Guest

Adorable Tabby Kitten Steals The Show At Wedding And Becomes The Favorite Guest

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Cara and Matt’s magical wedding day took an unexpected turn when an adorable little kitten crashed their ceremony, creating a heartwarming story they will cherish forever.

Picture this: as Matt professed his love for Cara, a tiny gray tabby started meowing in the background, turning heads and evoking laughter from the couple’s closest friends. Cara shared:

“I was trying so hard to listen to the beautiful words my soon-to-be-husband had written for me, and all my best friends were laughing behind me.”

“(When) one of the groomsmen stuck his head out of the line with such a grin, I knew something was up. I didn’t notice the kitten till the moment I whipped around, and my maid of honor pointed out there was a cat.”

The feline intruder perched on a tree stump strategically positioned herself for a great view and maximum impact. 

It was a moment etched in their memories, and as the kitten quietly observed the ceremony, the couple couldn’t help but feel the serendipity of the situation.


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Cara and Matt, already proud parents to a cat named Gatsby, shared a special connection with feline friends.

“Our names together are Catt. We even had cat cake toppers. So this was kind of crazy.”

The kitten calmed down and peacefully watched the entire ceremony, and Cara couldn’t help but think “It truly felt like a sign.”

Once the ceremony was over, they tried to capture the kitten but all attempts were in vain. She was too scared and also exceptionally good at hiding.

Fortunately, the venue staff came to the rescue, offering to care for the stray feline. Little did the couple know that this marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

After a week of enticing the kitten with food, she finally found herself cradled in the loving arms of Cara and Matt. The adoption was official, and Daisy, as they affectionately named her, swiftly became a cherished member of the family.

“We knew we had to have her.”

“I knew right away she had found her forever home with us on the drive home from picking her up. She sat so calmly in the carrier, purring, and licked my hand as I pet her.”

Despite initial concerns about how Gatsby, their existing feline companion, would react, the introduction was a success. 

“It took about two weeks of slowly introducing them to each other, but they now really seem to enjoy one another.”

Daisy’s upbeat energy and affectionate nature transformed her into a skilled lap cat, with a purr motor that could rival a motorbike. 

From running around the house with unmatched energy to following her humans closely, Daisy brought a new level of joy to their lives.

Cara couldn’t resist sharing Daisy’s quirky habits, saying:

“She is always bopping around getting into something. She is shy around new people, which makes her quick bonding to us even more of a phenomenon.”

As the couple embraced their newfound feline family, Daisy’s endearing love gestures, like waking up at 4 AM to lick their hands, became heartwarming traditions. 

“She has become very attached to both of us. My other cat has also bonded with her quickly and follows her around, so now everything is a group activity.”

Gatsby, their first feline companion, has also joined the fun, particularly “helping” with bed sheets, turning bed-making into a lively duo effort. 

“The cat distribution system was working overtime for this one – from meowing in the trees at wedding guests to my own shiny (Christmas tree) inside.”

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