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Tiny Kitten Suffocated In A Plastic Bag Found Barely Clinging To Life

Tiny Kitten Suffocated In A Plastic Bag Found Barely Clinging To Life

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Animal abuse has become increasingly frequent lately, but this horrific case has left everyone in shock. The rescuers found a tiny kitten suffocated in a plastic bag, barely clinging to life.

Upon learning about the kitten’s plight, Cypress House Kitten Rescue in Ohio immediately embarked on a rescue mission. 

Apparently, the kitten was suffocated in a plastic bag by a boy and left struggling for survival. Fortunately, the rescuers arrived just in time to save the kitten and give him a new chance at life.

After arriving at the rescue and undergoing a thorough examination, the kitten was given a grim prognosis. The rescue informed the public that the kitten was critically ill and treated in an incubator.

Lisa Jacobson, the kitten’s foster carer whom she named Griffin, expressed concerns about his condition, as he was showing some neurological issues. 

Despite everything, the brave little kitten demonstrated his will to survive and refused to give up. Jacobson remained hopeful as she was an experienced fosterer. She shared in an interview:

“I have taken in other animals with neurological issues, so I was familiar with their potential needs. I have been involved with cruelty cases in the past, but not like this. I’ve worked with animals who have been neglected or part of hoarding situations. Suffocation was a whole new, uncharted area.”

Jacobson just couldn’t understand why anyone would do such a thing to a tiny kitten, who was no threat to anyone.

After everything he had endured, the kitten wouldn’t have survived on his own. Luckily, he was taken under the care of professionals, who placed him in an incubator to allow his brain and body to rest and recover.

Thanks to professional care, Griffin’s condition slowly began to improve. However, another shocking discovery began to unfold. 

It turns out, Griffin wasn’t the only victim. Jacobson reported that nine other kittens were intentionally spread around a park as ‘coyote snacks.’ Thankfully, all the kittens were rescued in time. 

Although the main culprit for Griffin’s condition has not yet been found, Jacobson is determined not to give up. She said:

“My whole goal of sharing was to raise awareness that animal abuse is in all of our backyards. I encourage everyone to say something if they see something. Animals can’t speak, and we need to all be their voices.”

As for Griffin, he proved to be a fighter that doesn’t give up so easily. From the bottom of my heart, I hope he fully recovers without any consequences and finally gets a chance to live the happy life he truly deserves.

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