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Kitten Injured After Getting Trapped In Forklift Truck Refuses To Give Up Fighting

Kitten Injured After Getting Trapped In Forklift Truck Refuses To Give Up Fighting

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This poor little kitten was saved from a factory where he got seriously hurt. Nobody knows exactly how it happened, but he got stuck in one of the forklift trucks and got really hurt. 

When the workers found him, they quickly took him to the vet! Then he was brought to The Kitten Cottage Rescue Center.

His injuries were bad, and he was hurt all over, but he wasn’t about to give up…

the injured kitten lies down

The kitten was given antibiotics and had bandages on almost his whole body. Honestly, it seemed like he might not make it…

hurt kitten's paw

But this kitten fought like a real champion! His caregivers changed his bandages twice a day and fed him by hand. He had medicine for three weeks, and after that, he started getting stronger and looking much better.

hurt kitten in a litter box

They affectionately called him Warrior, and the name stuck. After about four months, Warrior was fully recovered and found a loving home with a couple.

In the beginning, it really looked like Warrior might not pull through…

sad hurt kitten

Yet, with some love and a lot of care, his treatment and recovery were a success!

cute kitten in a cage

Warrior showed incredible bravery and determination to survive.

the injured kitten is lying on the blanket

Even though half of his body was hurt badly, he never gave up. And the rescue team didn’t give up either!

a bandaged kitten sits on the bed

They invested a lot of time and money, but that’s nothing compared to saving a kitten’s life.

the kitten is on the newspaper

Many kittens and other animals end up at this rescue center, and they do their best to help each one.

a man caresses a kitten that looks at the camera

Warrior spent around 4 months under their care, and then luck smiled on him – he found a new home.

the kitten is standing on the table and looking at the camera

With an amazing will to live, he made it through! After this incredible transformation, he began a new chapter with a couple who adored him.

the cat sits and looks around

Don’t you just love a happy ending? I hope you enjoyed this story of a remarkable transformation. I truly believe the love and effort we give come back around.

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