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Proud Cat Dad Points Out 2 Interesting Facts About Female Vs. Male Cats You Probably Didn’t Know

Proud Cat Dad Points Out 2 Interesting Facts About Female Vs. Male Cats You Probably Didn’t Know

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Ever wondered if a cat’s personality is affected by its gender? While each of our furry friends is unique, there are some general traits that can give us clues. Let’s dive into how genetics play a role in shaping our feline pals’ behavior.

Male and female cats can be pretty different, kind of like people. These differences aren’t everything about them, but they do show us a bit of their instinctive sides.

There’s this awesome video floating around of a cat dad sharing two cool facts that really show what makes girl cats different from boy cats:

@winstonandspooky Cat facts that nobody asked for, Part 1 #catsoftiktok #blackcat #orangecat #tabbycat #catfacts ♬ Carmen Habanera, classical opera(1283412) – perfectpanda

Turns out, cats have their own set of genes that make them who they are. This cat dad, who knows a lot about his cats Winston and Spooky, says that boy and girl cats are a lot like us with their chromosomes. 

Simply put, girl cats have two X chromosomes, and boys have an X and a Y. This little genetic twist affects all sorts of things, even what color they are.

“Male and female cats are very similar to humans in the sense that female cats have an XX chromosome code and males have an XY chromosome code.” 

two cats looking trough window
Source: TikTok

And did you know? The X chromosome largely decides a cat’s coat color. Since girls have two Xs, they can wear a whole bunch of colors. It’s super rare to see a girl cat that’s all black or all orange. 

And get this, about 80% of orange cats are boys. Pretty wild, right?

Lifespan & Puursonality Traits

cat scratching a window
Source: TikTok

When we talk about how long they live and their personalities, genetics has a say in that too. Typically, female cats live up to 15 years, while males might reach 13 years.

This might be because male cats love to explore outside more, while female felines are pretty happy staying indoors.

Also, male cats tend to be more lovey-dovey and snuggly than female kitties. A lot of cat parents will tell you that’s true.

owner with purple hoodie holding a cat
Source: TikTok

Under the video, cat owners shared stories about their own cats, showing how different each cat can be. 

Some said their boy cats like staying inside, while others talked about their girl cats being really loving and sweet. This just goes to show there’s a lot of variety in how cats act.

But even with all these general ideas, it’s super important to remember every cat is one of a kind. There’s a lot more than just genes making them the special little beings they are.

To wrap it up, sure, genes have a role in making a cat’s personality, but that’s just part of the story. Our cat buddies are just as complex and special as any of us, each with their own funny habits and traits.

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