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Kitten Considered Ugly Undergoes Stunning Transformation And Becomes An Internet Star

Kitten Considered Ugly Undergoes Stunning Transformation And Becomes An Internet Star

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The internet really likes a good story about an underdog, and the story of Simsima, the “ugly” kitten, is no different. 

It all started when a Reddit user’s parents found a skinny kitten wandering around their workplace. 

sick white cat
Source: Reddit

They named her Simsima, and she was nothing like the cute kittens you see online. Even though she didn’t look perfect, they knew they couldn’t just leave her there. 

Her eyes were crusty and red from infections, and her fur was messy and dirty. But this caring family saw past her looks and saw the kind and curious soul inside.

white cat with blue eyes
Source: Reddit

Before long, the updates about Simsima on Reddit turned into a heartwarming story. They brought her to the vet, who treated her eye infections, and found out something surprising – Simsima might be deaf! 

Despite this, the family showed her lots of love and attention. They got her a comfy bed, a collar, and found out that she loves fluffy areas and (oddly enough) cold storage rooms! 

It was a bit tough for Simsima to learn how to use a litter box at first, but she caught on quickly. Slowly but surely, she started to thrive in her new foster home. 

cat laying in sand
Source: Reddit

Simsima’s story captured the hearts of many, with people admiring the kindness of those who saved her and finding joy in Simsima’s unique character. 

Even some pretty funny jokes even popped up, not going to lie. Her so-called “ugliness” was seen as a symbol of bravery, showing that real beauty comes from the inside. 

The updates changed from concerned messages about trips to the vet to heartwarming accounts of her playful adventures and cuddle times. 

scared kitten
Source: Reddit

Soon, Simsima, the once unnoticed kitty, turned into a social media star, stealing hearts with each photo.

I’m so glad she found a loving family who saw past her rough exterior and gave her the chance to shine.

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