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PHOTO| Meet Zoe, The Cat Who Literally Wears Her Heart On Her Chest

PHOTO| Meet Zoe, The Cat Who Literally Wears Her Heart On Her Chest

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When Zoe’s soon-to-be forever humans came to adopt her sister, Izzy, Zoe won them over! She easily convinced them to adopt her as well, with her heart-shaped marking sealing the deal.

Never before had anyone seen a heart-shaped marking as precise as hers.

Joanne instantly fell in love with Zoe and her sister, so the two black and white kitties stayed together fur-ever.

Because Zoe had a longer coat than Izzy, she was lovingly called “The Fluff” but was also known as “The Queen of Hearts”.

Sadly, Zoe passed away in 2022, leaving her human mommy and her sister in deep mourning. As Joanne writes: 

“Forever in my heart, my sweet Zoe. The Queen of Hearts.”

Zoe and Izzy entered Joanne’s life when she needed them the most. At the time, Joanne was chronically ill and confined to the house. These two adorable companions helped her through the difficult times she faced.

Zoe suffered from severe anemia, with the cause remaining unknown. In April 2022, she was admitted to the emergency department at the vet, where she spent her final days.

Zoe and her sister have amassed over 300k followers on Instagram, where Joanne continues to celebrate Zoe, and shares cherished memories of her.

Initially, the spotlight was on Zoe due to her gorgeous and distinctive heart-shaped marking. But as time went by, both sisters gained popularity for their undeniable cuteness and beauty. 

These two British Shorthair hybrids were not only gorgeous but also possessed unique personalities. Izzy displayed courage and daring with intriguing and truly one-of-a-kind facial expressions. 

Zoe, on the other hand, was cautious yet incredibly curious. Both cats were extremely loving and adorable. Joanne instantly fell in love with them and simply had to adopt them both. She couldn’t bear to separate the loving sisters.

Who could possibly want to separate two sisters that shared such a strong bond?

As Zoe grew up, her fur and the heart on her chest grew along with her.

She remained the Queen of Hearts, capturing the hearts of Joanne and many Instagram followers.

On their sixth birthday, Zoe showed us all that she, too, was capable of making funny faces, not just Izzy.

Zoe was truly a one-of-a-kind cat, and she is deeply missed by her sister and her human mommy.

“Zoe came into my life at a time when I needed her most. Cautious, yet incurably curious and incredibly mischievous, there was never a dull day with her around.”

“Always upside down, always cracking us up, always trying to eat plastic. You couldn’t sit under a blanket without her snuggling up under your knees, or wake up without your feet attacked.”

“She gave me a purpose in life at a time when I could not physically pursue much else, and so saved my sanity.” 

“She forever changed the course of my life and I will never forget her. Zoe, I miss you so very much.” Joanne wrote in a heartfelt post on her Instagram profile.

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